Ecological walk around Benissa Coastline

Vistas del paseo ecológico de Benissa

The Benissa ecological walk has become one of the most popular and visited routes on the Costa Blanca. From this unique trail located on the coast of Benissa you can discover paradisiacal corners of the Marina Alta coastline that will impress you with their extraordinary beauty. If you want to find spots where the mountains and the sea meet each other and create the perfect postcard, this ecological trail is the perfect place for you.

Benissa’s ecological walk has been specially created for you to enjoy the natural and maritime essence of Benissa’s coastline. You will be able to discover up to 3.5 kilometers of the 4 kilometers of the Benissa coastline, adapted to the cliffs, steep areas and coves that create this coastline. In addition, along the route we will find information panels that will inform us about the fauna, flora and geology found in each area.

There are two different routes to discover this ecological walk, one with 3,5 kilometers and the other one with 2,9 kilometers, both suitable for the whole family and perfect to be visited in all seasons.  Along this walk, you will find beautiful beaches and coves:.

  • Cala Pinets

Considered a trully jewel for the locals, It is a small sandy cove located on a rocky outcrop. Perfect for disconnecting and relaxing, both on its pebbles and in its crystal clear waters, where snorkeling is a common practice due to the richness of its underwater sea life. Furthermore, this cove in Benissa has a special feature, which is an area known as »Mar Morta», a shallow tongue of sea protected by the waves that becomes a perfect natural swimming pool for children

  • Cala Llobella de Benissa

One of the One of the less known points of Benissa’s ecological walk is Benissa’s Llobella cove. That is why we find it wild, natural, little travelled. And that is precisely why it is such a treasure for the Costa Blanca and for all those who want to visit it.

Here we can find ourselves practically alone, so will allow us to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the area as you have never experienced before in any other corner of the Benissa.

Its crystal-clear waters invite you to enjoy swimming and to practice underwater sports such as snorkelling or scuba diving, where you will discover its great beauty.

  • Cala Baladrar de Benissa

Sited in an area surrounded by pine trees facing Calpe’s famous Rock, el Peñón de Ifach, is the perfect cove to relax and enjoy a wonderful sunset at any season of the year. Cala Baladrar is a must on this ecological walk. In this cove you will find a perfect water depth to observe the aquatic life of the Marina Alta, the crystal clear waters will do the rest.

The rock formations give shape to small pools where the youngest members of the family can enjoy themselves with their parents and friends.

vistas del sendero ecológico de Benissa
Ecological walk in Benissa (Alicante)

Benissa Coastal Picnic area: eating in the middle of nature

If you are looking for lunch or dinner while enjoying nature and the sea views, on Benissa’s ecological trail you will find areas for this purpose in the form of picnic areas. In these spots, created with respect for the natural surroundings, you can enjoy tables and benches where you can eat peacefully under the shadow of the pine trees and with a privileged view of the sea. They are ideal to go alone, with friends or with the family. A stop at one of the many picnic areas located along the Benissa coastline is a perfect plan to eat or have a snack in the open air while enjoying the unique local scenery.

If after reading this post you are interested in visiting the area to enjoy this and many other places, do not hesitate to look at villas for rent in Benissa.

Excursions in Benissa and surrounding areas

If  you are looking for fun, discover the secret corners of Benissa and also play sports, here you will find all the information you need.

Trekking routes in Benissa

  • Ecological walk :

Enjoy this unique route in the Costa Blanca , a path that will take you to the coast of this paradisiacal corner of the Mediterranean. There are two itineraries to choose and four kilometers to go through the best coves of Benissa, it is suitable for adults and children, this is the perfect place to join the sun, sports and impressive views.

  • Bèrnia Mountain:

A wonderful place for nature and trekking lovers. This mountain is known by its particular “Hole” that shows the valley and the Mediterranean sea, it is well known by its particular beauty and is the natural border between Marina Alta and Marina Baixa.

Golf in Benissa

If you play golf, we have the best option to enjoy your favorite sport. In Benissa you will find one of the oldest courses from Alicante, with stunning views to the sea and the Calpe’s famous Rock that will leave you impress, almost like the course designed by Javier Arana, which has 9 holes.

Golf en Benissa

Water sports and activities in Benissa

One of the most popular excursions in Benissa and the surrounding area are those involving water. Water activities in Benissa are the order of the day. There is a wide range on offer and we would like to recommend some of them for your holiday in Benissa:

Diving and Snorkeling in Benissa

Find the perfect option for diving or snorkeling in the Costa Blanca in a safe, comfortable and fun way at the Les Bassetes Nautical Club in Benissa, where professional scuba divers will guide you to discover the magnificent aquatic life of the coast of Benissa and surroundings

Other water activities

Also at the Les Bassetes Nautical Club in Benissa you will find the best monitors for water activities such as kayaking, paddle surf, sailing on a catamaran, etc.

Definitely, in Benissa you will find everything you like to live as you want.

Snorkeling feels better in the waters of Benissa

In Holidays Costa Blanca villas, when we deliver the keys of the various houses we own in Benissa, Calpe and Moraira we also deliver The keys of these beautiful villages. We are lucky to belong to this little piece of paradise and we are proud when we advise our customers the best restaurants in the area, the best routes, the better corners that only locals know, but we fill up with more pride when we describe the nature of our land.

A very diverse nature that brings together everything that a person needs to enjoy on their vacations: Sea, mountains, history, parties, people and weather, plus an infinite range of surprises and secrets that the traveler must discover for himself.

However, today we want to talk about our coastline and one of the most fun, enriching and satisfying sports or hobbies that visitors can do in our coves without equal.

To start, the visitor can use the 4 kilometers of the total of our coves in an ecological walk that allows you to see the coast from a privileged point and go through the various coves, stop at each one of them and enjoy its coastal and aquatic fauna and flora and make a underwater hiking.

To do this, from Villas Holidays Costa Blanca, you We advise you to enjoy Snorkeling.

The characteristics of the coast of Benissa, with waters clean and shallow coves, they are perfect for diving without bottle, known by the snorkel. This is a fun, easy activity, cheap and optimal to know the interesting seabed of Benissa, our extensive underwater paradises of posidonia.

To practice Snorkeling you only need a pair of glasses diving, fins and breathing tube. Also, you can tour the following six routes: Les Basetes, La Fustera, Els Pinets, LLobella, L´Advogat, and El Baladrar.

The depth can vary between 3 and 8 meters and the time to do the tour can last between 20 minutes in the Els Pinets cove up to the 35 minutes needed to travel the Platgeta L’Advocat.

Practicing this sport or hobby you will discover a wildlife and flora very diverse and very extensive. As described above the seabed in this area are formed by walls of posidonia, formations Rocky and fine sand. Flocks of llisas, rock fish like thrush, the mojarra or breastplate as well as octopus, starfish or goldfish can be seen in the rich biomarino heritage of Benissa.

We also have proven that most of our clients prefer to spend family vacations and Snorkeling is an ideal activity to practice with the little ones in the house.

For this, we recommend the Cala Advogat. A cove with Mediterranean character and strong beauty. Already from the surface it is verified that the visibility is exceptional. The bottom grows progressively and very soon it is about -6 meters and looks perfectly transparent. The calm sea helps this visibility and allows the powerful morning sun rays to penetrate strongly.

Also, like the families that they go with children, transparency them It offers more confidence, it is already known that many times what is not seen is feared. By that, as soon as you jump into the water and put your head and look at the bottom will open A smile that will hardly fit in the diving mask. They will be surrounded by fishes.

The posidonia meadow is lush, in very good condition and strolled by huge banks of salps between which the human body and marine beauty can be mixed. The background is bright and alternates the sandy clearings where you can give the opportunity to witness the silhouette of a marine animal such as the stripe that are very dear to children for being such elegant beings with their swimming movements.

In the sea there is life

Do not miss it!

Hiking in the Costa Blanca: “Camins de Pedra i Aigua”

Camins de Pedra i Aigua

There is another way of discovering the Costa Blanca and its inland, besides visiting its villages, streets and monuments and tasting its traditional and delicious gastronomy. It is through the multiple hiking routes across it.

These paths run through wonderful and spectacular natural landscapes, with either mountain, sea (or both) routes to choose from.

Camins de Pedra i Aigua

One of these trails is the route called “Camins de Pedra i Aigua” (Stone and water paths), whose itinerary links the towns belonging to the Vall de Pop community: Benissa, Senija, Llíber, Xaló, Alcalalí, Parcent, Murla and Benigembla.

The route follows the course of the Xaló river during almost all the itinerary and highlights the importance of the ethnological patrimony of the area’s rural (“riuraus”), hydraulic (wells, cisterns, irrigation canals…) and agricultural architecture (terraced areas with dry stone walls, pens, shelters…).

Camins de Pedra i Aigua

It is a linear 19.5 km trail with a very low difficulty that takes approximately 6 hours to complete. This route can be started in any of the Vall de Pop towns and can be made in several stages depending on the available time.

We invite you to learn more about it on the Vall de Pop’s website ( ) or Tourism Office, as well as on its different towns’ websites and Tourism Offices.

What is birdwatching?

Birding or birdwatching is the practice of observing birds in their natural environment.

Birding or birdwatching is the practice of observing birds in their natural environment.

Whether you are an ornithologist or an amateur birdwatcher, birding is an excellent activity to spend time outdoors while discovering the area’s flora and fauna.

The Valencian Community has many habitats and protected natural areas perfect for wildlife observation, with 22 natural parks located on the mountain, the coast and the wetlands.

If you love nature, birdwatching is the best opportunity to discover the life and behaviour of these animals in their natural habitat virtually all year round. You only need to plan your visit, a pair of binoculars and lots of will and patience to spot birds.

On the mountain, coast and wetlands of the Costa Blanca there are several protected areas and natural parks where you can observe birds:

  • Parque Natural Penyal d’Ifac, in Calpe
  • Parque Natural La Marjal de Pego-Oliva
  • Reserva Marina Cabo de San Antonio, in Dénia
  • Parque Natural El Montgó, in Dénia

You will find further information in the Region of Valencia Natural Parks website, (in Spanish and Valencian).