Supermarkets in Moraira

The supermarkets in Moraira work on a daily basis with the freshest and highest quality products on the market, where you can find a wide range of products and the best brands so that you can shop in Moraira at the best prices.

Doing your shopping in Moraira will be very pleasant as there are numerous supermarkets, both large ones located on the outskirts of the town, and small ones in the centre of town where you can go in case of an emergency. Both large and small supermarkets offer the best quality products at the best prices. 

Supermarkets in Moraira

In Moraira we can find different supermarket chains and among them you can find a great variety of national and international products.

Below you will find the most important supermarkets to buy in Moraira:

– Pepe La Sal Supermarket

This supermarket chain can be found in several towns, specifically in Moraira there are two supermarkets, a larger one with many products and brands of national and international food and a smaller one in the same centre where you can find more national food products.


Ctra. Moraira-Teulada, 54, 03724 Moraira, Alicante

Calle las Viñas, Moraira, 03724.

– Overseas Supermarket

In the Iceland supermarket in Benissa you can find deep-frozen products, as well as national and English food.

Address: Avenida de la Paz, 18, 03724 Moraira, Alicante , Alicante – Telephone: 865 88 79 90

– Supercor express supermarket

Also located in the centre of Moraira, in this supermarket you will find food and household products of leading brands as well as a wide range of magazines, books, etc… It is open until 22.00h so it is usually the best place to go in case you have forgotten something.

Address: Ctra. Moraira a Calpe, 1, 03724 Teulada, Spain, Alicante. Telephone: 965743015

 – Mas y Mas Supermarket

One kilometre from the centre, offering both top brand and own brand products and groceries, with a wide variety of fresh products, fish and meat products as well as everything you need for the home.

Address: Pda. Paichi, s/n, 03724, Alicante, phone: 966 49 07 79

Three kilometres from the centre we find the Planet Shopping Centre with several supermarkets and shops, among them:

– Lidl Supermarket

Known for its weekly offers in fashion, DIY, toys, sports, electrical appliances, home and baby, in this supermarket of German origin, you can find everything you need in terms of food, especially in German and international brands. It is located on the outskirts of the town.

Address: Ctra. Moraira-Teulada, 26, 03724 el Planet, Alicante

Telephone 900 958 311

  – Supermercado Carrefour Teulada – Moraira

En este supermercado, situado en la población de Teulada – Moraira, encontrarás productos de alimentación y hogar con la posibilidad de realizar la compra online al mejor precio con descuentos y ofertas.

Dirección: Ctra. Moraira-Teulada, 23, 03724 el Planet, Alicante – Teléfono: 619 06 73 03

Is it possible to buy online in Moraira?

Online shopping in Moraira is one of the services you can find in this town, as well as going to the supermarket and requesting a home delivery service to take your shopping to your home.

This shopping service is available in most of the supermarkets listed above; you can choose the products you want to add to your shopping basket and have them delivered to your home the same day.

Receive your shopping at home by making the purchase through the corresponding website or by going to the supermarket and requesting the home delivery service.

Do you need a place to stay? Come in and see one of these villas for rent in Moraira ,Benissa, or Calpe

Experience your holidays with Villas Holidays Costa Blanca!

¡Vive experiencias en tus vacaciones con Villas Holidays Costa Blanca!

Club Náutico Les Basetes

One of your days could start with a visit to Club Náutico Les Basetes on the coast of Benissa, where you will find a multitude of activities to enjoy in the sea, the area’s greatest attraction.

At this Nautical Club you can practice sailing, kayaking and stand up paddle with Las Antípodas Sailing School, or get started in the world of scuba diving at its Diving Centre. Les Basetes also has two restaurants, Les Basetes Coral Beach and the Oceana Club, where you can enjoy magnificent views of the sea and the Peñón de Ifach while having an aperitif.

Club Náutico Les Basetes

La Bocana

Not far away and thanks to La Bocana you will have the opportunity of discovering Altea and Calpe’s bay with stunning Kayak or Stand Up Paddle guided routes to the Morro de Toix and the Mascarat bay, discovering de Toix caves, jumping into the water from its cliffs, sailing up to the Gasparet cove in Calpe’s bay or diving in the island of La Olla.

Club Hípico de Benissa

If, on the other hand, you prefer the mountains, we propose a horse ride in the countryside to enjoy the landscape or, why not, get started in the world of equestrianism with the help of Club Hípico Benissa.

Its wide variety of activities will make you fall in love with these beautiful animals and the countryside of the Costa Blanca. In addition, as a client of Villas Holidays Costa Blanca, the club has special offers for you.

Club Hípico de Benissa.

Bodegas Parcent

And if you are keen on gourmet experiences, why not visiting a winery in the area? Bodegas Parcent has an interesting offer: a 2-hour guided visit to the winery plus 6 wines and 6 tapas tasting, only for 20 euros per person!

The perfect experience for those interested in finding out the region’s wines. Do not miss the chance of experiencing the relaxing sunset atmosphere among vineyards at dusk with all your family.

Sadesgo Centro de Alquiler

Sadesgo offers sporty people the opportunity of discovering the Costa Blanca’s most symbolic corners in a different, fun and safe way, getting to places and landscapes that would not be accessible to general visitors otherwise. They do so by renting bikes, electric scooters and Ninebots, with which one can travel while being safe and ecologic. Or why not considering a horse drawn carriage ride?


Our adventures are designed for all the family. We respect and are passionate about our homeland and want to show in a sustainable way what makes of the Costa Blanca a unique and special place.

Giner Rent a Car

Rent A Car Giner

During your stay there is another factor to take into account: transport. So why not move around as if you were a VIP during your holidays? Rent A Car Giner in Benissa offers special discounts for guests of Villas Holidays Costa Blanca.

Based in Benissa and Alicante and Valencia airports, at Rent A Car Giner you will find the perfect rental car with the best terms & conditions, to enable you to get around the Marina Alta without any worries and discover all its corners.

Restaurante Toni Cantó

Villas Holidays has as well different suggestions so that you live an authentic gastronomic experience. Toni, at the front of the Toni Cantó Restaurant in Teulada, has created a selection of weekly gastronomic menus especially for the guests of Villas Holidays Costa Blanca.

If you call to make a reservation and say you are going on behalf of Villas Holidays Costa Blanca, Toni Cantó will not only prepare a menu  with top quality products for you with a special price for you to enjoy the gastronomy of the area, but will also pay for your journey, booking you a taxi to and from your holiday property.

Restaurante Toni Cantó

Restaurante Kalas

Continuing towards the sea you will find Kalas restaurant in a lovely setting in the centre of Moraira, managed by three professional young chefs trained separately in Santa Pola, the Basque Country, London and Dénia, with a wide professional experience acquired all over the Spanish territory.

restaurante Kalas

The most important thing for these artists is to provide an impeccable service, hence why they put maximum effort in taking care of even the smallest details in every recipe and its presentation. Kalas combines perfectly both typical tapas and haute cuisine touches made with innovative techniques, always bearing in mind the use of fresh products with the utmost respect. They have as well a weekly lunch menu for 12€.

Bar El Palleter

If you decide to stay in Benissa you should pay a visit to Bar El Palleter after going all over the old town. Gisela and Félix will advise you in a modern atmosphere with a stylish decoration so you succumb to the traditional and typical dishes of the area.

Here you can try the traditional mid-morning snack with seasonal products; but if you prefer having lunch instead, they are specialised in Benissa’s typical dishes such as stewed octopus and all kind of rice dishes. A true experience for your senses.

Restaurante 34 de San Nicolás

Another option Villas Holidays Costa Blanca suggests is 34 de San Nicolás restaurant. It is in Benissa’s old town, located in one of the village’s most picturesque streets. It is a welcoming space with a cosy decoration with hues that simulate Benissa’s unique and stunning sunsets.

Miguel and Santi offer seasonal and market cuisine, whose main base is the best fresh fish directly from the fish market and own production seasonal fruits and vegetables.

34 de San Nicolás awaits you to try their appetising special toasts prepared with different types of homemade bread for breakfast, or their lunch menu for 14€ from Tuesday to Friday. However, if you prefer to have dinner after wandering through the old town, they will surprise you with any of their dishes, prepared with the best market products. It should be noted that, due to staff rest, the restaurant is closed on Sunday evening and on Monday.

34 de San Nicolás

Hotel Diamante Beach

Or you may prefer a romantic dinner with your partner without kids around, a relaxing walk by the sea with the music of the waves or simply spending a couple of hours at the spa of Diamante Beach Hotel, considered to be the most luxurious in the area, with a wide offer of beauty treatments.

Hotel Diamante Beach

Do not worry, we have you covered! With Villas Holidays Costa Blanca’s hourly babysitting service you will find those well-deserved moments.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities for you to enjoy everything that the Costa Blanca has to offer at your own pace and without complications. Enjoy your holidays!

UV rays and sun protection (II)

UV rays and sun protection (II)

¿What types of UV rays are there? ¿What is the difference between them? ¿How can we protect ourselves from them? Keep reading if you want to find out!


UVA rays

UVA rays cover almost 95% of the UV radiation that reaches the Earth’s surface. They are the most powerful category of UV rays, are always there during daylight every single day and can go through windows and clouds.


These rays penetrate the skin deeper than UVB rays, reaching both the epidermis and the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin. They help you with your tan, but they are the source of the much-dreaded signs of skin aging too: wrinkles, spots and flaccidity.

UVB rays

Mainly, UVB rays damage the epidermis or skin’s outermost layer. They are responsible for painful and annoying sunburns and have a significant role in skin damage that can eventually lead to cancer.


UVB rays can reach the Earth’s surface, especially at high altitudes, all year round.

Which are more dangerous?

Both are, but in different ways; while UVB rays can cause short-term visible damage (burns), UVA rays accelerate the skin’s aging process, so a prolonged exposure to both can cause cancer.


What is the best protection?

Choose an SPF 15 or higher sun protection factor that protects you against UVA and UVB rays and apply it regularly and conscientiously, all year round!


UV rays and sun protection (I)

UV rays and sun protection (I)

By now you are probably aware of the importance of applying sun protection not only when exposing to the sun but any time you are out of home.

Many people haven’t acquired this habit yet, probably because they are unaware of the importance of protecting the skin from the sun rays. There are still many things left to learn about how the sun affects our skin, but a good starting point is knowing how to distinguish what UVA and UVB rays are.

Ultraviolet rays, commonly known as UV rays, are a type of electromagnetic radiation that comes from the Sun and hits the Earth. The difference with the visible light rays is that the latter are longer and visible to the human eye.

Therefore, UVA and UVB rays are different types of UV light. Both fall into the short wavelength category, and that’s why we can’t see them. However, just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they won’t affect you.

In the next post we will see how to distinguish them, which ones are more dangerous and how to protect ourselves from them.

Let the show begin!

Let the show begin!

Besides its sun, sand and sea, the Costa Blanca has different interesting cultural options on offer. If you are keen on dance, theatre or opera among other things, we are going to show you some of the places where you will discover and enjoy great performances.

A few kilometres away from our Villas you can find the Auditori Teulada Moraira. This magnificent auditorium, which opened its doors in 2011, was designed by the architect Francisco Mangado and it is located on Teulada’s highest point, with beautiful views to Moraira. It has a varied programme divided in several theatrical seasons, with opera, ballet, classical music, theatre, monologues… If you want to find out more, do not hesitate to visit its website,

Let the show begin!

Going South we find the Palau d’Altea. In the village’s old town and open in 2001, it has the perfect location, visitors can arrive to it easily and you will recognise it thanks to the building features. It offers an interesting programme in two theatrical seasons, which includes dance, music, theatre, etc. Follow this link,, if you want to know more about it.

Benidorm has one of the most known performance venues in the area, the Benidorm Palace. With more than 40 years of history, this venue is famous for its dinner shows, besides galas such as the New Year’s Eve one and renowned music concerts. For more information, you can visit its website,

Have you chosen a show yet?

Let the show begin!

Things to bear in mind when renting a holiday home (II)

Things to bear in mind when renting a holiday home (II)

In the previous post we talked about the need to choose a reliable agency, to book in advance and to take into account the booking conditions when renting a holiday home. In this article we follow up with other points to bear in mind during the search for the perfect house.

Where is the house located?

Do you prefer to be by the sea or surrounded by mountains and in the countryside? Are you looking for a secluded location or an area that is close to the lively nightlife of the area? Do you not mind driving to the beach, or would you prefer to take a short walk?

Explore our catalogue of houses in charming towns of the Costa Blanca such as Moraira and Calpe and choose the area that best suits your tastes.

Once the location has been chosen, the area where the house is located must be taken into account. If you are looking for a quiet and uninterrupted stay you can choose for example a house in the country (like this one instead of on the beach, to take full advantage of your days of relaxation. Or if you prefer to have supermarkets and restaurants just a stone’s throw away, you can opt for a property with services just a few kilometres away, such as this one

If, for you, the distances between towns or from your accommodation to the city centre, hospitals, etc. are important, we advise you to check the distances, as there have been cases where proximity to the city centre is offered as «just a few minutes away” but some guests have told us that in reality, once they arrived at the reserved house, they realised that they were 45 minutes by car along winding roads.

Things to bear in mind when renting a holiday home (II)

The style of the house

Needless to say, the way in which a house is decorated is a factor to be taken into account when booking a particular holiday home. With our catalogue of more than 50 houses you will have the freedom to choose a house with the same style of your own home, as ‘a home away from home’, a Mediterranean style house, or opt for a style that is totally different from your usual tastes. We have houses that suite all tastes!

The photos that we publish in Villas Holidays Costa Blanca are real and in most cases are taken a few weeks before, so we guarantee that our travellers will really find the house they have booked. No make-up or fake photos, which are so common these days.


It is important to consider the accessibility of a holiday home when travelling with someone who has specific mobility needs. A quick question to our team of rental agents and they will inform you about the accessibility of the property you are interested in so that you have a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Things to bear in mind when renting a holiday home (II)


When booking a holiday home it is important to consider whether the rental includes certain items you may need, such as towels and sheets, hairdryer, coffee maker, dishwasher, barbecue or WiFi, among others.

Knowing this information will not only mean that you will arrive less stressed, but in some cases it will also free up space in your luggage for you to fill it with gifts and souvenirs from the destination you are visiting.

On the page of each house you will find all the necessary information. Also, the Villas Holidays Costa Blanca team is at your disposal for any questions you may have through the web chat, by mail and telephone.

We hope these tips have been helpful for you to enjoy a perfect holiday.

Things to bear in mind when renting a holiday home (I)

Things to bear in mind when renting a holiday home (I)

Holiday home rentals are becoming more and more popular thanks to all the advantages they offer, such as good value for money, more space and privacy.

But what do you have to have to bear in mind when looking for a holiday home? In Villas Holidays Costa Blanca we have created a list with a series of tips to take into account when in search of the ideal home for a holiday at the Costa Blanca.

The support of a reliable and professional agency

When booking your holiday home at the Costa Blanca it is essential to have the back of a rentals agency with a good reputation and years of experience in the market; after all, the house itself is part of the whole experience when organizing and booking your holidays, hence the importance of doing a bit of researching: how long has the business been on the run, the kind of homes offered in its catalogue and their clients’ feedback.

You should run away from online portals which are not obvious or transparent enough (run by telemarketing operators with little or no professionalism), and choose a business with a quality and personalized service from the first enquiry until the end of your stay (even once back home); like this, your holidays will be a wrap.

Villas Holidays Costa Blanca relies on many years of experience thanks to its predecessor, Alquileres Cresmarta, and with the support and trust of hundreds of happy clients. You can read more about the company here

Book in advance

Finding and booking where to stay during your holidays has many advantages; not only the fact that you will avoid the nightmare of homes low availability as peak season approaches but you will have a wide range of available houses where to choose from; without forgetting early bird booking offers!

Booking terms & conditions

¡Warning! Before booking any holiday home read carefully the terms & conditions that apply to your holiday home booking; they specify things such as the cancellation policy, payment conditions, contract changes, the rental price, the deposit or the arrival and departure times. By doing so, you will avoid unexpected surprises or misunderstandings.

Again, pay attention to the small print of online portals. Be suspicious if they don’t use a comprehensible language nor provide a physical address to submit any possible complaints.

These are the more “technical” elements to bear in mind when looking for a holiday home rental. The next post will go on with more “practical” tips.

Holiday home or Hotel?

Holiday home or Hotel?

Holidays are something people always look forward to like a breath of fresh air. But if the option of how to spend them includes travelling, there are a lot of issues to consider: destination, date, transport, food and, to round it off, accommodation.

Hotels have always been the most helpful and reliable option. In recent years, however, holiday homes have become very popular. But what’s the difference between both?

Because of their location, we can find hotels everywhere: in the heart of the city, in tourist areas, by the sea… Which makes them accessible. Holiday homes can also be found where hotels are located, but on the other hand they are also available in destinations outside the tourist areas, providing an added value of privacy and exclusivity.

Size also matters, which is why a hotel is not the same as a holiday home. The size of a standard hotel room is designed to accommodate between 2 and 4 people, while a holiday home offers much more space than a single room, even if it is a suite; depending on the size of the house, it can accommodate from 2 people to, say, a large group of friends with about 10 people.

The issue of privacy and timetables also needs to be taken into account. In a hotel you have to stick to cleaning, breakfast and meal times, and share common areas such as the pool, garden and other possible resting areas with hordes of people and other tourists.

Holiday homes offer much more freedom as, despite having to comply with certain rules for housekeeping and follow arrival and departure times, guests can enter and leave at will and, in most cases, have their own private courtyards, gardens and swimming pool.

The price is not the same either. A hotel room includes accommodation and common areas, but will vary depending on extra services such as meals. The price of a holiday home will be relatively cheaper, since you don’t have to pay for the meal service; if you go in a group, the expenses will be shared out; it usually includes a final cleaning service and… you have more privacy!

The question of food is vital. Compared to the holiday home, the travel budget is affected differently by paying extra per meal or having three meals «away from home» when staying in a hotel. The holiday homes have their own kitchen, which on the one hand allows you to save on meals in restaurants and on the other offers the possibility of enjoying great banquets and meals at home, or, perhaps, cocktails and a barbecue with family and friends.

If pets are part of the family, holiday homes are the ideal place to take them as most pets are welcome. This is not the case with hotels; unless they are «pet-friendly», many do not admit them or charge extra for them.

When it comes to travel, washing clothes is another element to consider. Holiday homes are usually equipped with a washer/dryer, which avoids unnecessary dry-cleaning or laundry costs. The hotels, on the other hand, have laundry services for an extra cost depending on each hotel.

Hotels can also charge for other services, such as car parking or watching movies or international channels. In a holiday home this does not happen; the houses have parking spaces and often the owners of the house have games, movies, DVDs, satellite TV and much more so that the guests do not lack anything.

If you are thinking about travelling and looking for accommodation, compare and seriously evaluate both options. When it comes to traveling, a hotel offers many amenities, but choosing a holiday home will make you feel like you’re in your own home away from home. It also gives you the opportunity to get to know first-hand the culture and the hidden corners of your destination, as well as interact with the locals as if you were one of them.

Holiday home or Hotel?

Avoid scams and unexpected surprises with your holiday rental

Avoid scams and unexpected surprises with your holiday rental

When going on holidays you can find a wide range of accommodation on offer: hotels, campsites, apartments or holiday homes… Tourist rental is a trend right now but unfortunately, holiday rental scams are increasingly common and particularly relevant in the Mediterranean coast.

Every year, hundreds of people become victims of holiday rental related scams. Lodgings and businesses that don’t exist, photos that don’t match reality or stolen data are some of the examples.

During peak season prices skyrocket and scammers, whether alone or organised, take advantage and feather their own nest. These criminals thoroughly publish unreal offers on websites, true bargains with pool and views to the sea.

When the victims contact them, they usually get rid of intermediaries. Suddenly, they urge you to pay the full or partial amount in advance to make the reservation. The clients pay and wish for their holidays to arrive only to discover the truth upon their arrival: they have been scammed; the house doesn’t exist (or it does, but it’s already rented and it’s another business who rents it), and they can only do one thing: report it to the police.

The scam comes to light: fake addresses of non-existent travel agencies, “legal” contracts which actually aren’t and have stolen data, etc. La Sexta, a Spanish TV channel, shows how these scams work in one of their “Equipo de Investigación” programme: (in Spanish).

Protect yourself against holiday scams

Protect yourself against holiday scams

The most important thing is not to trust appealing offers that do not fit with the usual market and season prices; do not pay in advance, let alone the total amount, and avoid doing so outside the rental platforms; and do not talk with the private individual avoiding intermediaries.


In this case, the best is to look for a reliable rental business specialized in the area we want to travel to. Choosing a rental agency over an online portal will always be a better option for the following reasons:


Reliable and personalized services. A rental agency with years of experience in the market and good reputation do not only guarantees you your money won’t disappear due to a scam but offers you a personalized service as well.


If you book directly with the owner of the villa or through an online portal instead because you think it’s cheaper, you are at risk of being scammed and losing your money.


Enhanced safety. While rental agencies are totally trustworthy and guarantee the rented accommodation exists, online portals do not always let you check if the property exists or if the ad has been posted by the owner, which can lead to trickery.