Marina Alta typical products

A very important part of our holidays is to find quality food and products that are different to what we are used to eating on a daily basis. If you are one of those people who, before thinking about what you are going to visit on your holidays, are looking for places to eat, this post is of interest to you, here are the typical products of this area that you should not miss:


These are a type of cake made with bread dough and oil, with different fillings.  Cocas are ideal for any time of the day, whether as a mid-morning snack, an afternoon snack or a cold supper.

The most famous filling is esgarraet (red and green pepper and roasted aubergine), tomato, a little garlic and tuna or simply with oil and anchovies.

They can be bought in any bakery and many restaurants also offer these products with more elaborate fillings.


As its name suggests, dried octopus is a typical delicacy in this area, traditionally made by fishermen to preserve this highly prized food, the octopus was inserted into rods and left to dry in the sun and sea breeze as if it were clothes hanging out to dry. Drying octopus is an art, and is only done at certain times of the year when the humidity is not too high and the sun is not too strong.

The best way to eat it is simply grilled, with a little olive oil, which is the best way to savour it.


It is like having the sea in your mouth, sea urchins have five yolks, they practically come undone since what is eaten are the corals and the most traditional way of eating them is to eat them with bread, or with a spoon.  They are eaten raw, they can be accompanied by a bit of lemon juice, but purists eat them directly in their natural state.


It is a typical stew from this area that is no longer as easy to find as it used to be, although there are restaurants that still offer this dish, Bull or the stomach of the tuna is preserved salted, it has to be desalted and the most typical way to cook it is with onion, potatoes, paprika, tomato and garlic. It is not a dish for all tastes, as it has a very intense fishy flavour, but if you try it and like it, you will adore it.


We were not going to finish without dessert, right? a little piece of pumpkin pie to finish this tour through  the local gastronomy, this pie is typical of the city of Denia, and can be tasted in many restaurants, most are homemade and al lof them are equally delicious, be sure not to miss it, we are sure of one thing: if you try it, you will repeat.


The Marina Alta is one of the most important regions in the province of Alicante in terms of wine production, the location of this region between the sea and the mountains, makes it have a mild microclimate throughout the year, and very fertile soils for the cultivation of muscatel grapes from which it comes mainly white wines and mistelas ( a sweet wine ideal to accompany desserts ). The vineyards are nowadays located in front of the sea, in areas of Teulada-Moraira-Benissa, and inland. This is a region that traditionally produces Denomination of Origin wines, especially whites and mistelas. We recommend that you visit the cooperatives in the area and try the wines, mistelas and vermouths that are produced there.

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The best restaurants for your holidays on the Costa Blanca

Los mejores restaurantes para tus vacaciones en la Costa Blanca

La costa blanca no solo es conocida por sus pequeñas calas y el  Mediterraneo, sino también por su gastronomía. El pescado fresco de bahía, El Espencat, les “coques”, los buñuelos, la mistela  y otros tesoros culinarios hacen de la Costa Blanca uno de los lugares más emblemáticos donde comer una buena paella o un arroz a banda.

Es por ello que en este artículo te vamos a recomendar cuatro de los mejores restaurantes para tus vacaciones en la Costa Blanca. Por su calidad, por su buen servicio y por su auténtica gastronomía alicantina. Así pues, toma nota de los siguientes restaurantes.

34 de San Nicolás

Un restaurante situado en Benissa en el que descubrir la auténtica gastronomía Benissera. Disponen de menús diarios ( solo por las mañanas) de martes a sábado 15 € (primero, segundo, postre o café + 1 bebida ) y los Domingos y festivos 19 €.

Abrimos de martes a Domingo. Cerramos el Domingo noche y Lunes todo el día. A parte de la carta que ampliamos con los platos de temporada.

Restaurante Toni Cantó

El País Vasco de la Marina Alta, no solo es su lema, sino también su esencia. Un restaurante de cocina tradicional de la zona Marina Alta con producto de proximidad. No hay carta porque se compra al día en el mercado.

Podrás disfrutar de su pescado fresco, sus arroces y demás especialidades en Teulada.

Restaurant El Tresmall

El restaurante El Tresmall, situado en la zona de las Marinas de Denia. Un lugar donde encontrarás excelentes platos, menús de insuperable relación calidad precio, servicio inmejorable y todo ello a la vista del mar.

  • Especialistas en arroces y pescados en Denia.
  • Primera linea de playa, playa de piedra y muy tranquila
  • Aceptan perros en la terraza

Horario de 13h a 16h

Carrer riu de gallinera s/n =3700 denia

Restaurante Casa Cantó

Uno de los restaurantes donde la gastronomía tradicional está más presente. Con más de 34 años de historia y un elenco de premios en su fogones, hacen de este restaurante uno de los lugares de peregrinación de los gourmets de la zona.

El restaurante Casa Cantó está situado en Benissa y su horario es de martes a domingo a mediodía, el lunes es nuestro día de descanso, excepto festivos.