The best restaurants for your holidays on the Costa Blanca

Los mejores restaurantes para tus vacaciones en la Costa Blanca

La costa blanca no solo es conocida por sus pequeñas calas y el  Mediterraneo, sino también por su gastronomía. El pescado fresco de bahía, El Espencat, les “coques”, los buñuelos, la mistela  y otros tesoros culinarios hacen de la Costa Blanca uno de los lugares más emblemáticos donde comer una buena paella o un arroz a banda.

Es por ello que en este artículo te vamos a recomendar cuatro de los mejores restaurantes para tus vacaciones en la Costa Blanca. Por su calidad, por su buen servicio y por su auténtica gastronomía alicantina. Así pues, toma nota de los siguientes restaurantes.

34 de San Nicolás

Un restaurante situado en Benissa en el que descubrir la auténtica gastronomía Benissera. Disponen de menús diarios ( solo por las mañanas) de martes a sábado 15 € (primero, segundo, postre o café + 1 bebida ) y los Domingos y festivos 19 €.

Abrimos de martes a Domingo. Cerramos el Domingo noche y Lunes todo el día. A parte de la carta que ampliamos con los platos de temporada.

Restaurante Toni Cantó

El País Vasco de la Marina Alta, no solo es su lema, sino también su esencia. Un restaurante de cocina tradicional de la zona Marina Alta con producto de proximidad. No hay carta porque se compra al día en el mercado.

Podrás disfrutar de su pescado fresco, sus arroces y demás especialidades en Teulada.

Restaurant El Tresmall

El restaurante El Tresmall, situado en la zona de las Marinas de Denia. Un lugar donde encontrarás excelentes platos, menús de insuperable relación calidad precio, servicio inmejorable y todo ello a la vista del mar.

  • Especialistas en arroces y pescados en Denia.
  • Primera linea de playa, playa de piedra y muy tranquila
  • Aceptan perros en la terraza

Horario de 13h a 16h

Carrer riu de gallinera s/n =3700 denia

Restaurante Casa Cantó

Uno de los restaurantes donde la gastronomía tradicional está más presente. Con más de 34 años de historia y un elenco de premios en su fogones, hacen de este restaurante uno de los lugares de peregrinación de los gourmets de la zona.

El restaurante Casa Cantó está situado en Benissa y su horario es de martes a domingo a mediodía, el lunes es nuestro día de descanso, excepto festivos.

Where to eat in Calpe?

¿Dónde comer en Calpe?

It is well known that in Calpe is a place to eat very well. Today we are going to tell you the best places to enjoy the local gastronomy in all its aspects. Calpe has become a cult place to taste rice, fish and many other  dishes that you will surely love. That’s why we are sure that, even if you don’t know beforehand where to eat in Calpe, you will almost certainly get it right.

In any case, here are some recommendations to be on the safe side and enjoy the gastronomic tradition of this fishing village famous for creating the most innovative dishes that have made a place for themselves in the gastronomic galaxy. Let’s see:

To eat well in Calpe

In Calpe, for more than 60 years, they have been dedicated to making their visitors happy, because in addition to the magnificent beaches and coves, its gastronomy has always been very present, offering tourists and neighbours from other cities, a quality Mediterranean gastronomy and many places to eat well in Calpe.

If you decide to spend your holidays in Calpe you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of tastes and flavours. We are going to tell you where and how to make the most of Calpe’s gastronomy.

En Calpe se puede comer una buena paella en multitud de restaurantes.
In C alpe you can eat good paella in many restaurants.

What kind of food you can find in Calpe?

Calpe has different areas to enjoy good food, so we are going to tell you about each of them for you to visit each bar and restaurant so that you don’t miss a bite!

From eating fresh fish and seafood from the Bay of Calpe to tasting a delicious Italian pizza, or maybe you fancy a good «arroz del senyoret» or even enjoying some tapas in the best company.

Whatever the case may be, in Calpe you will find a good place to eat, for example, among all these options:

Italian food Calpe

Since the first Italian restaurant was established, this type of restaurants have not stopped growing in the town, settling in several streets located near to  the beach, an area that could be called the little Italy of Calpe, as it is known by all visitors that in this area you can taste the best Italian dishes.

You can find the best Italian food in Calpe between the streets Pintor Sorolla, Blasco Ibañez, de Pau and Santamaría, as well as Italian restaurants located on the promenades of the Arenal-Bol and La Fossa beaches.

You will find more than 20 restaurants specialising in Italian food, with flavours that will transport you to the streets of Rome.

Sea food:

Eating seafood and fish in Calpe is something that is intrinsic to most locals. For this reason, cooking this type of food is done to perfection. Calpe has always been a fishing village, and just because it has grown and its dedication to tourism has expanded, does not mean that this fishing era has disappeared, as it is still just as present as it was in ancient times.

Moreover, this aspect of the town is something that its visitors are passionate about and even if they have visited the port and fish market more than once, they always come back, forming the visit as a tradition that is passed down from father to son.

Calpe takes the lead when it comes to eating seafood, as every day the freshly caught fish and seafood from the bay arrives at the fish market, something that the restaurants wait to get hold of the best pieces and offer them to their customers.

Quality fish and seafood, fresh and freshly caught, that is what you can find in the port of Calpe, the area par excellence where to eat seafood.

Here you will find a multitude of restaurants that will offer you their seafood platters and fish specialities at very competitive prices. Every step you take will be a different offer and a different restaurant, but all of them will make sure that everything is of your liking.

The gastronomic offer related to seafood does not end here, as many restaurants offer the best quality fish and seafood from the bay, from tapas bars to elegant restaurants that you can find all over the town.

Comer marisco en Calpe es uno de los placeres que puedes disfrutar en la mayoría de los restaurantes de la zona.
Eating seafood in Calpe is one of the pleasures that you can enjoy in most of the restaurants in the area.

Eating paella in Calpe

Calpe is one of the best towns where to eat paella, and is not because we say it, but rather the thousands of people say the same through reviews on the internet.

Paella was born in Valencia but people say that the best rice dishes in the Valencian Community are made in the province of Alicante, and so many people can not be wrong… right?

In Calpe you can find a multitude of restaurants that offer paella and rice dishes such as arroz al senyoret, arroz a banda or arroz de bogavante, all three cooked with fish and seafood from the bay.

To taste a good paella or eat a good rice dish in Calpe you will have to go to any restaurant located around the sea, especially near the port and the promenades. Although you will also find restaurants that serve very good rice dishes and paellas in the old town or in the outskirts of the town.

If you want to eat paella in Calpe, you will have many options to enjoy this dish so characteristic of Valencian gastronomy.

Eating with children

When we are looking for a place to eat with children in Calpe, we can opt for a beach restaurant where the children can play in the sand while the adults continue to enjoy the meal or look for a restaurant that is removed from any danger, such as roads, and have a space where children can run and play without disturbing the other tables.

Eating in Calpe with children is very easy, as most of its restaurants are located in front of the sea, where you will also find parks where children will have a great time and will be distracted until the meal is over.

So if you have children, don’t suffer for not knowing where to eat; the vast majority of restaurants  are prepared for these small but demanding diners, as you can find a specific menu for them in practically all the menus.

Dinning for two

Calpe is a special place, especially when you are looking for a place to dine with your partner, as there are many restaurants where you will find the tranquillity, romanticism and exquisiteness that you expect for this kind of dinner.

There are restaurants with wonderful views overlooking the sea, with elaborate dishes to surprise and create an unforgettable evening.

If you are looking to surprise your partner and have a dinner, in Calpe you can find the perfect restaurant.

Do you need a place to stay while you enjoy the gastronomy of Calpe? Come in and get to know one of these villas for rent in Calpe. And, as you know, if you eat and sleep well, you will enjoy the day much better!

¿Have you tasted “espencat” yet?

¿Have you tasted “espencat” yet?

The “espencat” or “aspencat” is a typical recipe of the Valencian Community cooked with roasted vegetables, which is always served cold, with bread and as starter or side dish. Its main ingredients are red pepper and aubergine, and it is dressed with lots of olive oil and sliced garlic.

People usually add dried and salted cod to it (or other kept in oil or salted fish such as tuna jerky or anchovies), which leads to mix it up with the “esgarraet”, a similar dish containing only red pepper and cod.

There are different types of “aspencat” according to tastes, as well as names given to it depending on the way or where it’s cooked. It can be made only with red pepper, aubergine and garlic, with or without salted cod or adding tomato, onion and green pepper. As for its name, it can also be called “rostit”, “torrat” or “torraet”, “esguellat”, “llescaet”… In fact, it is also present in Cataluña, but with a different name, “escalivada”.

If you want to prepare this recipe you only need to roast the aubergine and red peppers in your oven at maximum temperature during about twenty minutes. Once roasted, take them out of the oven and let them chill.

Then, peel and cut them into strips (here comes the fun by doing so with the hands, tearing the vegetables instead of using a knife; hence its name in some cases), place them in a platter with lots of virgin olive oil, sliced garlic and strips of salt cod.

Usually, it is not necessary to add salt if you use dried and salted cod. It is better to prepare this recipe and leave it in the fridge a day or a couple of hours before trying it out; this will make the ingredients develop all their aromas, which makes this dish a true delicacy.

Have you ever tried pumpkin “buñuelos”?

Have you ever tried pumpkin “buñuelos”?

During Fallas, celebrated in March, it is normal to find street stalls that sell different types of sweets, such as pumpkin fritters known as “buñuelos”.

These are portions of fried dough with a hole in the middle, made mainly with pumpkin and flour. It is an easy but laborious recipe to make. However, the characteristic taste of the pumpkin together with its soft and fluffy texture make “buñuelos” a delicacy.

If you want to prepare some you will need 500 gr. of boiled or roasted pumpkin, 500 gr. of wheat flour, 25 gr. of yeast, a pinch of salt, 1 glass of warm water, sugar to sprinkle and abundant olive or sunflower oil for frying them.

Prepare them as follows. Mash the pumpkin and then mix it with the yeast dissolved in the warm water, while adding the flour little by little, integrating everything.

When the dough is smooth and slightly sticky, add a pinch of salt and let it set between 1 and 2 hours so it increases its volume.

Heat oil in a deep pot or frying pan and when it is very hot, take a handful of dough with one hand to shape the fritter and make a hole in the centre of it with the thumb of the other hand.

Fry them with care so the oil doesn’t splash and when they are brown take them out, drain the excess oil and sprinkle them with sugar. Enjoy!

Have you ever tried pumpkin “buñuelos”?