In the heart of La Marina Alta, Benissa brings surprises at every step. A landscape full of contrasts, an atmosphere full of history, unending opportunities to have fun and  the open character of its people invite the visitor to enjoy every corner of this town.


It is a true pleasure strolling through the old town in Benissa. A historic centre which is perfectly conserved and that is in itself a living museusm. Cobbled streets, centuries-old walls and stately homes transport us back to the Middle Ages. We cannot miss the old Sala del Consell and the Casal dels Joves, both buildings from the 17 th. century that bring us back to the local way of merchandising. In the street named Desamparats we can find noble buildings with coats of arms of which we can visit the Casa Museo Abargues, where we can go back to the lifestyle of the nobility in the 18 th. century. The Placeta de l’Esglèsia Vella (Old Church square) makes the visitor to relax and enjoy of the differente cultural events that there take place. We also recommend paying a visit to the Convento de los Padres Franciscanos and the impressive Cathedral of La Marina, a symbol par excellence of Benissa. It is not surprising then that in 1998 this town received the Provincial Tourism Merit Prize, a special award for the impeccable preservation of its historic quarters.


Naturally, Benissa is a beautiful coastal town. Its beaches and bays, with their crystal-clear waters are calm, peaceful and unspoilt. Amongst them are La Fustera, Els Pinets, La Llobella, Advocat and Baladrar. They extend along four kilometres as far as the cliff-faces, a route that is known as the Paseo Ecológico because of its environmental value and rural beauty.

The stunning contrasts of this municipality can be also seen in its impressive mountain ranges. Mountains as Bèrnia, Oltá and La Solana which surround the town, guarding it protectively and include the rural stretches of Pinos, Pedramala, Benimarco, Benimarraig, Lleus and Santa Anna, amongst other peaceful and natural havens that invite the visitor to relax and enjoy the silence.


Benissa’s fiestas take place throughout the year. It is quite remarkable the great devotion of the townspeople towards their patron saint, La Puríssima Xiqueta, to whom the town dedicates its main fiestas on the fourth Sunday of April. In January, the Fira i Porrat de Sant Antoni takes place over two weeks. During this festival, animals are blessed and a Medieval fair takes place during the last weekend. The Moors and Christians fiestas in honour of San Pedro fill the streets of colour and sound in the last week of June. Also, the many rural districts celebrate their fiestas mainly throughout summer being remarkable the festivity of Santa Anna, the 26 th. of July, that ends up with a picnic outside the hermitage. This year, the newly created “Vive el verano en Benissa” leisure programme offers cultural, sports, commercial and gastronomic activities for all the family with the best possible scenario: our old town and our coves and beaches. Every even year takes place a Multicultural Festival where there are shows of the folklore, cookery and culture of countries from all continents.


The traditional valencian cuisine and the reknown mediterranean food are present in Benissa’s recipes and dishes. Its spices, seafood, fruits and vegetables, and a special care which turns the food on your table into a special morsel. Names such as Bull amb ceba, Mullador de pelleta, Sang amb ceba or Putxero de polp wet everybody’s appetite.The variety of rice dishes is nearly endless and hand-made sausages (such as sobrasada, blanquets, longanizas and morcillas) deserve a special mention. They have carried both Benissa’s and the Marina’s names all over the nation thanks to their delicious flavours and to the ancient recipes still used by local butchers. All this plates can be tasted in two already consolidated gastronomic events: la Mostra Gastronòmica Benissa (in March) and the “Tapas route held in summer months.


Benissa, always mindful of providing the best possible service to visitors year-round, has a full, active calendar for every like and age.


Tourist Info Benissa
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