Snorkeling feels better in the waters of Benissa

In Holidays Costa Blanca villas, when we deliver the keys of the various houses we own in Benissa, Calpe and Moraira we also deliver The keys of these beautiful villages. We are lucky to belong to this little piece of paradise and we are proud when we advise our customers the best restaurants in the area, the best routes, the better corners that only locals know, but we fill up with more pride when we describe the nature of our land.

A very diverse nature that brings together everything that a person needs to enjoy on their vacations: Sea, mountains, history, parties, people and weather, plus an infinite range of surprises and secrets that the traveler must discover for himself.

However, today we want to talk about our coastline and one of the most fun, enriching and satisfying sports or hobbies that visitors can do in our coves without equal.

To start, the visitor can use the 4 kilometers of the total of our coves in an ecological walk that allows you to see the coast from a privileged point and go through the various coves, stop at each one of them and enjoy its coastal and aquatic fauna and flora and make a underwater hiking.

To do this, from Villas Holidays Costa Blanca, you We advise you to enjoy Snorkeling.

The characteristics of the coast of Benissa, with waters clean and shallow coves, they are perfect for diving without bottle, known by the snorkel. This is a fun, easy activity, cheap and optimal to know the interesting seabed of Benissa, our extensive underwater paradises of posidonia.

To practice Snorkeling you only need a pair of glasses diving, fins and breathing tube. Also, you can tour the following six routes: Les Basetes, La Fustera, Els Pinets, LLobella, L´Advogat, and El Baladrar.

The depth can vary between 3 and 8 meters and the time to do the tour can last between 20 minutes in the Els Pinets cove up to the 35 minutes needed to travel the Platgeta L’Advocat.

Practicing this sport or hobby you will discover a wildlife and flora very diverse and very extensive. As described above the seabed in this area are formed by walls of posidonia, formations Rocky and fine sand. Flocks of llisas, rock fish like thrush, the mojarra or breastplate as well as octopus, starfish or goldfish can be seen in the rich biomarino heritage of Benissa.

We also have proven that most of our clients prefer to spend family vacations and Snorkeling is an ideal activity to practice with the little ones in the house.

For this, we recommend the Cala Advogat. A cove with Mediterranean character and strong beauty. Already from the surface it is verified that the visibility is exceptional. The bottom grows progressively and very soon it is about -6 meters and looks perfectly transparent. The calm sea helps this visibility and allows the powerful morning sun rays to penetrate strongly.

Also, like the families that they go with children, transparency them It offers more confidence, it is already known that many times what is not seen is feared. By that, as soon as you jump into the water and put your head and look at the bottom will open A smile that will hardly fit in the diving mask. They will be surrounded by fishes.

The posidonia meadow is lush, in very good condition and strolled by huge banks of salps between which the human body and marine beauty can be mixed. The background is bright and alternates the sandy clearings where you can give the opportunity to witness the silhouette of a marine animal such as the stripe that are very dear to children for being such elegant beings with their swimming movements.

In the sea there is life

Do not miss it!

Why do you have to choose the Costa Blanca as your vacation destination?

On the Costa Blanca you live your dreams

The charm of a land, its people and its customs.

In this Blog we will give you all the secrets that this area hides. What gives him an incomparable reputation of bewitching the tourist and catching him until he makes his vacation the most remembered of a lifetime.

The Costa Blanca is blue. In it you will find the best beaches to enjoy the sun and the unique coves to disconnect from everything. There are more than 170 beaches and coves. Blue is also the color of the flags that crown more than 81 beach of them. What guarantees the quality of its waters, the beauty of its nature and why not, the care provided by its neighbors.

Apart from the open beaches for the current bath, in the Costa Blanca we find nudist beaches and open beaches for House pets.

This area apart from being valued for its beaches and cliffs also stands out for being the second most mountainous area in Spain. It includes more than 50 peaks of 1,000 meters. Mountain lovers can enjoy hiking trails such as climbing walls and ravines with secret accesses and legendary passages without forgetting caves with historical charm that can vary from caves with cave paintings to holes made by the Moors of the area …

These mountains also offer several castles and fortresses that defy the passage of time. This route gives you the possibility of accessing a radically different experience. The rugged relief of the pre-coastal mountain ranges and the peaceful life of the mountain villages are offered as an alternative to the coastal bustle. The fortresses located in the rocks and limestone ridges fly over spectacular valleys furrowed by feral streams. In the midst of this landscape, especially recommended for lovers of hiking, spoon dishes and strolling through small towns, the fortresses that the mythical leader Al Azraq stands and that, later, after the Christian reconquest, passed into the hands of military orders, such as Montesa, Hospital or El Temple. The Arab footprint is still present, in the corners of the villages, old farmhouses, where Almohad towers proliferate, rehabilitated as viewpoints for the contemplative enjoyment of the unhurried traveler.

This eastern echo also remains in the depopulated Moriscos and in the walled enclosures of the Morerías. A indelible footprint, which confirm the lines of terraces built with stone dry and watering the flows that run, from azudes, by chancebes and ditches

The Castell can be highlighted in this field from Guadalest, the Castell de Forna, without forgetting the monasteries and the hermitages that fill the area with spirituality and give them this mystical air.

It should also be noted that this area is an unparalleled attraction for pedal lovers who love to fight against their serpentine roads and with height without losing sight of the mare nostrum that is the background image that accompanies us on a day-to-day basis.

Everything we have described so far It is an environment where a rich cultural variety develops that we can Savor in the rich local cuisine and in its wide variety. Also in Your music and your parties.

Talking about the coast parties Blanca we can assure you that they are very enriching occasions that celebrated on different occasions throughout the year and where the tourist melts with the local people since the latter know welcome others and do their best.

The party on the Costa Blanca is culture, is history, and is enjoyment. In summer the party is guaranteed for everyone the days. For example in the area of the upper marina and precisely in Benissa, and surroundings every week one of the games or neighborhoods celebrates its parties Employers You can highlight the parties of the Barrio San Antonio, Fiestas de San Jaime in the game Benimarco where two neighboring towns (Benissa and Teulada) They merge into a party for several days. Pedramala parties. Parties of Pines and many more because summer is to live on the Costa Blanca.

The Costa Blanca is a natural park and as mentioned before being the second most mountainous province in Spain makes this territory an exclusive space in which to move from a valley to a peak of more than 1,000 meters in the same route – with the 1,550 meters of Aitana and 1,436 of the Puig Campana–, or discover native and unique vegetation throughout Spain, in addition to forests already protected and already scarce in Europe, such as lime trees in Sierra Mariola.

Precisely this natural park takes the palm offering views spectacular and a natural herbarium of aromatic and medicinal plants that do not They can be found elsewhere. In addition, nature invites you to visit the Sierra de Maigmó, which offers one of the most beautiful views Spectacular of the coast. The Montgó natural park and its unique flora that descends to the Mediterranean to embrace a varied marine fauna.

And from the mountain to the valleys that look sideways at the mountains that cradle them over 900 meters high. The Vall d’Alcalà, Vall d’Ebo, the Vall de Laguar, where the abrupt Barranc de l’infern, the Vall de Pop, Vall de Gallinera or the Vinalopó Valley are located, with Denomination of Origin for your table grape , are full of natural wealth that should not be lost.

In short, we are going to allow ourselves the detail of giving our clients 10 coastal routes to enjoy hiking and the waters of the Mediterranean that only the Costa Blanca knows how to combine.

1-The Ecological Path of the Benissa Coast

This ecological path will take us to visit some of the most beautiful coves on the Costa Blanca such as Cala Baladrar, Cala la Fustera and LLobella and many more. It is a very simple route suitable for all the public, with explanatory panels to better understand and value our environmental heritage

2-Ascent to Peñon de’Ifach

On top, this unique rock mass reaches 332 meters high and allows you to enjoy extraordinary views from its top. The Penyal d’Ifac is a symbol of the Costa Blanca, a landscape landmark of the first order. It was declared a Natural Park in 1987, being today the most visited protected area of the Valencian Community. Fortunately, this protection figure has allowed the conservation of endemic flora species that only grow here, challenging gravity, winds and sea saltpeter. It has also allowed the rock to be a refuge for many species of birds, whose habitat unfortunately decreases as the urbanized area of our province increases. For all this, and much more, undoubtedly the Penyal d’Ifac deserves to take a place in this list of routes to enjoy the coast!

3-Crossing the Serra Gelada

From Calp, we move south to visit another of our protected natural areas: The Serra Gelada Natural Park. This impressive coastal mountain range, whose cliffs are among the highest in Europe, offers us different routes to enjoy its varied flora and fauna. On this occasion, we will make the crossing along its entire crest, which provides stunning views over the sea. A demanding route from the physical point of view, but also one of the most satisfactory in the province.

4-Route of the L’Albir Lighthouse

We stayed in the Serra Gelada Natural Park, to enjoy another of its routes: the pleasant and accessible walk to the Lighthouse of Albir. A route suitable for all audiences, an “old acquaintance” of our blog, but we like it so much that we can not stop recommending. Like the previous route, it starts at the visitor reception center of l’Albir. From here, two and a half kilometers of paved road separate us from the beautiful lighthouse. Throughout the tour, we will enjoy excellent views of the Bay of Altea, as well as the mountains in the area, and Penyal d’Ifac itself on the horizon. Essential!

5-The Path of the Coast of Vila Joiosa

We continue our trip south to reach Vila Joiosa, a beautiful town with a seafaring tradition. This linear path will allow us to enjoy an undeveloped stretch of coastline, about 4 kilometers long, between Platja el Torres and Cala de Finestrat. A very simple route with many attractions, such as the beautiful naturist cove El Racó del Conill, or the old watchtower for the defense of the coast: the Aguiló Tower.

6-The Carved Cave

We come back to the Marina Alta region to recommend a route that by now Many know. La Cova Carved is an impressive cavern by the sea, half natural and half artificial, hidden between the cliffs of the Marine Reserve of Cap de Sant Antoni, riding between Dènia and Xàbia. It is a destination that, sadly, has been news for the massification that has suffered during the last years, especially in the summer months.

We suggest you visit it now, out of season, and if possible one day during the week. We propose to access it as what it is: a sacred place, a temple of nature, a gateway to the interior of Mother Earth. Try to cross your threshold in silence, letting the murmur of the waves be the only sound that resonates in the high vaults of the cave. Listen in silence, let yourself be invaded by the echo of its rocks, because only then will you discover the true treasure it houses …

7-The Castle of the Granadella

A few kilometers further south, in the municipality of Xàbia, we find one of the most famous and beloved coves in our province: Cala Granadella. This is the starting point of a short route but somewhat complicated technically, as we find a couple of climbs equipped with chains. Nothing really difficult for people with mountain experience, although probably not suitable for children. In any case, like most routes in this list, it is the perfect combination between beach and mountain. The PR-CV 354 path will take us to the Morro del Castell, where we can visit the ruins of an old tower, which was built in the 18th century for defensive purposes. Here we also propose a game: let yourself be soaked by the history of the place, let the stones speak, and imagine that you are the watchmen of the tower, attentive to the possible entry of privateers, in communication with your companions of the Tower of Ambolo , across the bay …

8-Cape Prim and Cala Sardinera

Closing the Bay of Xábia from the south, we find the formidable Cap Prim, a narrow tongue of land that enters the sea, sheltering Cala Sardinera. The simple walking tour starts from the Mirador de la Creu del Portitxol, and provides great views of the Montgó and its extension towards the sea: the Cap de Sant Antoni. In addition, in this unique portion of the coast of Xábia, we find some of the best coves in the province, such as Cala Barraca or Portitxol. The latter can also be visited on foot, also starting the path of the Creu del Portitxol.

9-The Cliffs Route of Benitatxell

We continue moving south, and so we reach the coast of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell, famous for its impressive cliffs and beautiful water coves crystalline This route has become very popular in recent years, and in a way deserved: it is a simple route that will allow us to enjoy some excellent views and, if the weather accompanies, bathe in one of the last virgin coves of the province: la Cala LLebeig.

Due to its popularity, again we recommend visiting it out of season, and avoiding holidays or weekends. As in the Cova Carved, we are in natural environments under high environmental pressure, so it is advisable to take extreme care: do not leave garbage, do not damage the flora or fauna, do not leave the path, etc.

10-The watchtower of Cap d’Or

A little further south, entering the coast of Teulada-Moraira, we reach the Cap d’Or. The point where the impressive cliffs of Benitatxell end, which in turn shelters the beautiful Portet de Moraira. Cap d’Or is an impressive watchtower that reaches 165 meters high, a place chosen for the construction of a watchtower in the 16th century. This simple route will take us to one of the best viewpoints of the Marina Alta, overlooking the Penyal d’Ifac, among other reliefs.

Tour of Spain and its passage through La Marina Alta

Between the 24th of August and the 15th of September the 74th edition of the Vuelta España in cycling takes place.
21 stages 3 weeks of competition. More than 3,000 km traveling the Spanish geography.
The shot of the exit sounds in the neighboring Torrevieja exactly in the Salinas. The Marina Alta is lucky to be the second stage of the Tour.
The runners in this stage will leave at a height of 225 meters above sea level exactly in Callosa d´en Serriá and will pass through Benimantell, Puerto de Cofrides, Benilloba, Alto de Benilloba where they will face more than 755 m high, Alcoy , Cocentaina, Almudaina, Gorca, Facheca, Castell de Castells, Benichembla, Jalón, Benissa, then they will caress the sea in Calpe, to reach the top of Cabo de la LLorença, passing through the beautiful Moraira and without losing the opportunity to pass by El Poble Nou de Benitaxell and Teulada to finish the stage rests between the Mediterranean breeze and the protection of the Peñon de Ifach.
To enjoy this wonderful pedal festival, Villas Holidays Costa Blanca advises you to stay in their homes that allow you to enjoy the luxury of following the stage from the terrace or the pool. These privileged houses are the following: The Azorín, Noray, Naima, Coral and BellaDona apartments and their strategic locations to soak up the adrenaline rush of the corridors at the exit in Calpe. Casa Eva, Casa Fabra and Casa Amistat with its wonderful views of the Mediterranean on the coast of Benissa. Villa Saturn and Amistat in Moraira. Without forgetting Terra in Benitaxell.

Festivities “Moraira” in honor of Nra Señora de los Desemparados

Parties to not lose detail. In them you can enjoy festivals, live music and be at the hand of different local bands that are responsible for filling the different pasacalles rhythm. It also honors the virgin to the rhythm of drum and dolçaina. Night is lived to the sound of different orchestras that make us invade the rhythm that moves within us all kinds of happy feelings.

Being Moraira the pearl of the Mediterranean, your neighbors take advantage of these holidays to get all the brightness of it and receive the blessings of its patron. For this the facades of their picturesque and elegant houses are decorated. Its balconies show beautiful flowers and fabrics with the photo of the virgin. The lights and lanterns illuminate its Mediterranean streets.

Taking advantage of the good weather and the friendliness of its people, the festivities in Moraira become a multicultural festival where tourists merge with the locals and the festivities are a set of joy, color, gastronomy, flowers, fresh air … and a range of sensations that are only experienced in this wonderful town.

The party satisfies all tastes whether religious or civil. In the religious sphere an emotional offering is celebrated to the Virgin where flowers and traditional costumes fill the town with light and color. The festeros wear their best Valencian costumes to pay reverence to their patron in a solemn and emotional environment. There are also several Masses and proclamations to give faith to the religious figure.

In the end, Villas Holidays Costa Blanca recommends you to live the soul of the Costa Blanca in Moraira.

Experience your holidays with Villas Holidays Costa Blanca!

¡Vive experiencias en tus vacaciones con Villas Holidays Costa Blanca!

Club Náutico Les Basetes

One of your days could start with a visit to Club Náutico Les Basetes on the coast of Benissa, where you will find a multitude of activities to enjoy in the sea, the area’s greatest attraction.

At this Nautical Club you can practice sailing, kayaking and stand up paddle with Las Antípodas Sailing School, or get started in the world of scuba diving at its Diving Centre. Les Basetes also has two restaurants, Les Basetes Coral Beach and the Oceana Club, where you can enjoy magnificent views of the sea and the Peñón de Ifach while having an aperitif.

Club Náutico Les Basetes

La Bocana

Not far away and thanks to La Bocana you will have the opportunity of discovering Altea and Calpe’s bay with stunning Kayak or Stand Up Paddle guided routes to the Morro de Toix and the Mascarat bay, discovering de Toix caves, jumping into the water from its cliffs, sailing up to the Gasparet cove in Calpe’s bay or diving in the island of La Olla.

Club Hípico de Benissa

If, on the other hand, you prefer the mountains, we propose a horse ride in the countryside to enjoy the landscape or, why not, get started in the world of equestrianism with the help of Club Hípico Benissa.

Its wide variety of activities will make you fall in love with these beautiful animals and the countryside of the Costa Blanca. In addition, as a client of Villas Holidays Costa Blanca, the club has special offers for you.

Club Hípico de Benissa.

Bodegas Parcent

And if you are keen on gourmet experiences, why not visiting a winery in the area? Bodegas Parcent has an interesting offer: a 2-hour guided visit to the winery plus 6 wines and 6 tapas tasting, only for 20 euros per person!

The perfect experience for those interested in finding out the region’s wines. Do not miss the chance of experiencing the relaxing sunset atmosphere among vineyards at dusk with all your family.

Sadesgo Centro de Alquiler

Sadesgo offers sporty people the opportunity of discovering the Costa Blanca’s most symbolic corners in a different, fun and safe way, getting to places and landscapes that would not be accessible to general visitors otherwise. They do so by renting bikes, electric scooters and Ninebots, with which one can travel while being safe and ecologic. Or why not considering a horse drawn carriage ride?


Our adventures are designed for all the family. We respect and are passionate about our homeland and want to show in a sustainable way what makes of the Costa Blanca a unique and special place.

Giner Rent a Car

Rent A Car Giner

During your stay there is another factor to take into account: transport. So why not move around as if you were a VIP during your holidays? Rent A Car Giner in Benissa offers special discounts for guests of Villas Holidays Costa Blanca.

Based in Benissa and Alicante and Valencia airports, at Rent A Car Giner you will find the perfect rental car with the best terms & conditions, to enable you to get around the Marina Alta without any worries and discover all its corners.

Restaurante Toni Cantó

Villas Holidays has as well different suggestions so that you live an authentic gastronomic experience. Toni, at the front of the Toni Cantó Restaurant in Teulada, has created a selection of weekly gastronomic menus especially for the guests of Villas Holidays Costa Blanca.

If you call to make a reservation and say you are going on behalf of Villas Holidays Costa Blanca, Toni Cantó will not only prepare a menu  with top quality products for you with a special price for you to enjoy the gastronomy of the area, but will also pay for your journey, booking you a taxi to and from your holiday property.

Restaurante Toni Cantó

Restaurante Kalas

Continuing towards the sea you will find Kalas restaurant in a lovely setting in the centre of Moraira, managed by three professional young chefs trained separately in Santa Pola, the Basque Country, London and Dénia, with a wide professional experience acquired all over the Spanish territory.

restaurante Kalas

The most important thing for these artists is to provide an impeccable service, hence why they put maximum effort in taking care of even the smallest details in every recipe and its presentation. Kalas combines perfectly both typical tapas and haute cuisine touches made with innovative techniques, always bearing in mind the use of fresh products with the utmost respect. They have as well a weekly lunch menu for 12€.

Bar El Palleter

If you decide to stay in Benissa you should pay a visit to Bar El Palleter after going all over the old town. Gisela and Félix will advise you in a modern atmosphere with a stylish decoration so you succumb to the traditional and typical dishes of the area.

Here you can try the traditional mid-morning snack with seasonal products; but if you prefer having lunch instead, they are specialised in Benissa’s typical dishes such as stewed octopus and all kind of rice dishes. A true experience for your senses.

Restaurante 34 de San Nicolás

Another option Villas Holidays Costa Blanca suggests is 34 de San Nicolás restaurant. It is in Benissa’s old town, located in one of the village’s most picturesque streets. It is a welcoming space with a cosy decoration with hues that simulate Benissa’s unique and stunning sunsets.

Miguel and Santi offer seasonal and market cuisine, whose main base is the best fresh fish directly from the fish market and own production seasonal fruits and vegetables.

34 de San Nicolás awaits you to try their appetising special toasts prepared with different types of homemade bread for breakfast, or their lunch menu for 14€ from Tuesday to Friday. However, if you prefer to have dinner after wandering through the old town, they will surprise you with any of their dishes, prepared with the best market products. It should be noted that, due to staff rest, the restaurant is closed on Sunday evening and on Monday.

34 de San Nicolás

Hotel Diamante Beach

Or you may prefer a romantic dinner with your partner without kids around, a relaxing walk by the sea with the music of the waves or simply spending a couple of hours at the spa of Diamante Beach Hotel, considered to be the most luxurious in the area, with a wide offer of beauty treatments.

Hotel Diamante Beach

Do not worry, we have you covered! With Villas Holidays Costa Blanca’s hourly babysitting service you will find those well-deserved moments.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities for you to enjoy everything that the Costa Blanca has to offer at your own pace and without complications. Enjoy your holidays!

San Juan´s night in Benissa

The celebration of the summer solstice, it’s so ancient as humanity itself. It can be said that he started about five a thousand years.

It is known as the magic night. It is a night of enchantments and spells, of
request of wishes and spells to be done; It’s a night of ceremonies
magical, rituals and spells.

And it is also, and above all, a night of partying, a big party that is celebrated in many parts of Europe, in many parts of Latin America, and of different ways depending on the place of Spanish geography that we choose.

Villas Holidays Costa Blanca will speak a little of the one you know best, the one on the Mediterranean Coast and, more specifically, that of Benissa and the Marina Alta.

It’s a party
linked to fire, a fire that celebrates the arrival of summer and whose function
was to give more strength to the sun, which at this time has reached its peak.

tonight the beaches of Benissa and the region will celebrate the feast of San Juan
with thousands of people in the sand preparing the wishes they want to ask in
tonight, they will burn what they want him to leave his life and they will throw into the sea what
necessary for your wishes to be fulfilled.

Some rituals that you can perform this night:

The night of San Juan is a night
perfect to mark the start of new personal goals, which can
Begin, at least, with the intention that some rituals of this magical
Night help you in the attempt.

Did you know that they say that
if you jump the bonfire during this night you ensure protection during all the
year? Of course, what varies is the number of times you have to jump … The seven,
the magic number, it seems that is the favorite of our area.

But not only fire:
Water is also an essential element tonight. Legend has it that
To immerse yourself in the sea in the night of San Juan guarantees health for the whole year.
As they say, you have to do it twelve times, with your back and looking at the moon. But
If you are not too keen to dive completely, do not forget to jump the waves.
The number of times varies depending on what you want: if you jump nine waves of
backs, increases fertility; and if there are seven waves, you eliminate the energies

Finding love, solving problems
of health, everything related to work and money … thousands of wishes, each
one adapted to the needs of its owners, will float tonight on the beaches
and they will burn in the bonfires, making June 23 the most magical night of the

So that we are all
Taste, relax and enjoy the night every year in the magic palaya,
par excellence, Benissa “LA FUSTERA” the festeros of the town take their
bars and their stoves to serve us the best dishes in the area as “the
puchero ball “the” figatells “sandwiches or sausage in the area. Neither
will lack the cocas with all its varieties, all kinds of drinks and music for
dance all night to the sound of the waves and the local spirit that contaminates
Joy and happiness.

On this night you can give him rein
release your senses, live magic, enjoy the party, let yourself be wrapped
for the people. It is the night of wishes that come true. And you, have you asked

Hiking in the Costa Blanca: “Camins de Pedra i Aigua”

Camins de Pedra i Aigua

There is another way of discovering the Costa Blanca and its inland, besides visiting its villages, streets and monuments and tasting its traditional and delicious gastronomy. It is through the multiple hiking routes across it.

These paths run through wonderful and spectacular natural landscapes, with either mountain, sea (or both) routes to choose from.

Camins de Pedra i Aigua

One of these trails is the route called “Camins de Pedra i Aigua” (Stone and water paths), whose itinerary links the towns belonging to the Vall de Pop community: Benissa, Senija, Llíber, Xaló, Alcalalí, Parcent, Murla and Benigembla.

The route follows the course of the Xaló river during almost all the itinerary and highlights the importance of the ethnological patrimony of the area’s rural (“riuraus”), hydraulic (wells, cisterns, irrigation canals…) and agricultural architecture (terraced areas with dry stone walls, pens, shelters…).

Camins de Pedra i Aigua

It is a linear 19.5 km trail with a very low difficulty that takes approximately 6 hours to complete. This route can be started in any of the Vall de Pop towns and can be made in several stages depending on the available time.

We invite you to learn more about it on the Vall de Pop’s website ( ) or Tourism Office, as well as on its different towns’ websites and Tourism Offices.

UV rays and sun protection (II)

UV rays and sun protection (II)

¿What types of UV rays are there? ¿What is the difference between them? ¿How can we protect ourselves from them? Keep reading if you want to find out!


UVA rays

UVA rays cover almost 95% of the UV radiation that reaches the Earth’s surface. They are the most powerful category of UV rays, are always there during daylight every single day and can go through windows and clouds.


These rays penetrate the skin deeper than UVB rays, reaching both the epidermis and the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin. They help you with your tan, but they are the source of the much-dreaded signs of skin aging too: wrinkles, spots and flaccidity.

UVB rays

Mainly, UVB rays damage the epidermis or skin’s outermost layer. They are responsible for painful and annoying sunburns and have a significant role in skin damage that can eventually lead to cancer.


UVB rays can reach the Earth’s surface, especially at high altitudes, all year round.

Which are more dangerous?

Both are, but in different ways; while UVB rays can cause short-term visible damage (burns), UVA rays accelerate the skin’s aging process, so a prolonged exposure to both can cause cancer.


What is the best protection?

Choose an SPF 15 or higher sun protection factor that protects you against UVA and UVB rays and apply it regularly and conscientiously, all year round!


UV rays and sun protection (I)

UV rays and sun protection (I)

By now you are probably aware of the importance of applying sun protection not only when exposing to the sun but any time you are out of home.

Many people haven’t acquired this habit yet, probably because they are unaware of the importance of protecting the skin from the sun rays. There are still many things left to learn about how the sun affects our skin, but a good starting point is knowing how to distinguish what UVA and UVB rays are.

Ultraviolet rays, commonly known as UV rays, are a type of electromagnetic radiation that comes from the Sun and hits the Earth. The difference with the visible light rays is that the latter are longer and visible to the human eye.

Therefore, UVA and UVB rays are different types of UV light. Both fall into the short wavelength category, and that’s why we can’t see them. However, just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they won’t affect you.

In the next post we will see how to distinguish them, which ones are more dangerous and how to protect ourselves from them.

What are the Fallas?

What are the Fallas?

During the month of March, exactly from the 14th to the 19th, many towns in the Valencian Community fill with colourful and fantastic monuments, gunpowder, music and fire to celebrate the Fallas.

These festivities in honour of Saint Joseph, originated in the city of Valencia and declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2016, are characterized by the installation of large sculptural monuments with fantasy and caricature-like figures throughout the city.

One of the versions about its origin says that with the arrival of spring and the good weather, carpenters used to clean their workshops by taking out the unwanted pieces of wood and burning them the day before the festivity of their patron saint, St. Joseph.

The Fallas, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2016

Eventually, people started taking out what they no longer wanted until today, in which both large and children’s monuments are mounted, standing out for their impossible structures, their “ninots” (the different figures) and their “críticas” (satirical texts related to current national and international political, social and cultural events).

The Fallas have three main events: the Crida (the announcement of the festivities), the Plantà (when the fallas are mounted) and the Cremà (when they are burned on the night of 19th March); without forgetting the multiple “mascletás” (pyrotechnics displays), fireworks displays, parades of falleros (women and men dressed in traditional Valencian costumes) accompanied by music bands and firecrackers, many firecrackers.

If you want to discover and experience these wonderful festivities up close, it is very easy. Come and spend a few days on the Costa Blanca with Villas Holidays and spend the day in Dénia, Calpe or Pego, the towns in the area that celebrate them.

The Fallas, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2016