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If you practice yoga all the year round, going to classes or at home, now on holidays you can try to practice it outdoor, it’s is a very pleasant experience, either if you practice it in the countryside or by the sea, the sounds around can help you with the concentration, as there are sounds, like the birds or the waves, but they do not disturb.

Also, if you have never tried, may be this is the best time to prove and see if you like it, you do not need a very advanced level, the basic exercises are suitable for all kind of people and ages, and provide many benefits, physical and  psychological benefits (if you suffer from any injury, the best is to inform the instructors so that they can let you know if any exercise is not recommended for you), but in general, practising yoga is a pleasant and relaxing activity, as you should not forget that you are the one who sets the limits and if a posture causes you pain or discomfort, you are not obliged to maintain it, you can simply return to the initial position or modify the posture until you feel comfortable, the practice of yoga is about having fun with yourself, not about competing with anyone.

Benissa Town Hall, as every year, during the months of July and August, in its summer program has included free yoga outdoor classes, so you have two options:

Every Monday and Wednesday at 20.00h at the Fustera Beach

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9.00h at the Ecological Walk ( tourist info ).

Breathing deeply in the fresh sea air cleanses the lungs and increases energy. The salty sea air is full of beneficial negative ions. The sound of the waves brings about a meditative state of mind. One of the most important elements of yoga is breathing: creating a calm mind and delivering oxygen to the muscles. The rhythmic sound of the waves replicates our own breathing rhythms. Doing yoga on the beach in the morning or at sunset especially promotes this conscious state and brings a sense of peace.

There are many benefits: you will be on a wonderful enviroment, you can meet new people, you can dedicate a bit of time only and exclusively to yourself, and the most important thing: you will have a great time, what more do you need?,

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