The purpose of these general conditions is to regulate the scope of the intermediation and organization service provided by VILLAS HOLIDAYS COSTA BLANCA, S.L. (hereinafter «Villas Holidays»), domiciled in C / San Juan, 34 of Benissa (Alicante), in the lease of holiday accommodation that is arranged between the client and the accommodation provider.

It is understood as a guest the physical or legal person that requests the professional intervention of Villas Holidays to locate a holiday accommodation for the use or enjoyment of the client according to the needs of the latter.

By landlord means the person who owns the accommodation object of commercialization by Villas Holidays through its intermediation services.

The signing of the contract implies the acceptance of each and every one of these conditions regardless of the hiring channel for which the reservation was made: Villas Holidays booking center, the Villas Holidays website or through exchange centers. reservations or external websites of other Agencies or tour operators with which Villas Holidays has collaboration agreements.

Additionally, the hiring of one of our villas, implies the acceptance of the particular conditions that apply to the contracted villa that are specified in the Reservation Contract sent to the guest.


Rental prices are indicated per accommodation per day and per week. They are variable depending on the chosen week. The prices are clearly detailed on the web In June, July, August and September, the minimum stay is 7 nights, with entry and exit on Saturdays. To enter / leave on other days, contact Villas Holidays to see possibilities. The rest of the year you can enter any day of the week and the minimum number of nights will be 4.

For long-term reservations, ask for price and availability.

In all reservations, prices include the set-up of the house, maintenance and periodic cleaning of the pool and gardens.

Extra expenses such as final cleaning, sheets and towels, animals, air conditioning, heating, baby high chair and cot, extra bed, extra cleaning and / or change of sheets and towels, will be reflected in the rental agreement.

Additionally, the hiring of one of our villas, implies the acceptance of the particular conditions that apply to the contracted villa that are specified in the Reservation Contract sent to the guest.


The form of payment may be through:

  • Credit card (Visa or Mastercard). On the website selecting PAGAR TPV
  • Wire transfer. To the account with IBAN number: ES61 0081 1047 8300 01239127 (BIC / SWIFT: BSABESBB)
  • Or cash

It will not be accepted as payment or stubs or holiday checks.

  • To confirm the reservation you must make an advance payment of 50% of the total, the day of the reservation.
  • If after 3 days the payment has not been made, Villas Holidays will cancel the reservation.
  • The final payment of 50% is due 14 days prior to arrival.


The guest can cancel the reservation without cost up to 14 days before the day of entry. A subsequent cancellation would not be entitled to the refund of the payment paid for the confirmation of the reservation.


The keys will be collected during high season on Saturdays from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and the rest of the year, from Monday to Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The pick-up place is in the office of Villas Holidays located in the Benimarco part of Benissa (Alicante). The coordinates of Google Maps to get to the office are: 38.697245, 0.086066.

In case of arriving outside the pick-up time, the guest can choose between two options:

  • Option 1: Our staff will wait for the guest upon arrival at the office to check-in and escort you home. This option will have an extra charge of € 150.
  • Option 2: The guest will find the keys and information to get to the house at any time in a safe located outside our office. The customer is required to report to the office the next working day to check-in. This option will not have any charge.


The departures will take place before 10:00 in the morning and the keys will be delivered to the Villas Holidays office. If at the exit, the office is not open, the keys will be deposited in the keys mailbox, located inside the parking lot of the office.

The guest must leave the house in order, without garbage and in the same conditions as it was found. Villas Holidays could carry out an inspection and charge € 50 for the guest’s deposit in case you find:

  • Furniture and household items outside their original place.
  • Garbage inside or at the entrance of the property.
  • The crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils without cleaning.

If during the inspection, Villas Holidays finds any fault in the contents of the apartment or any damage caused by the guest, it will be deducted from the guarantee deposit. If the cost of the damage exceeds the amount of the guarantee deposit, the guest will be notified by phone or email. In case of not reaching an understanding in this regard, it will proceed to exercise the corresponding legal actions.


For short-stay contracts, a security deposit of 300 € per booking is required. This deposit must be paid in cash on the day of check in. The deposit will be returned by bank transfer within 7 days of check out, provided that no damage has been caused to the property.

For long term contracts (more than 2 months) a security deposit of at least one month’s rent is required. This deposit will be returned at the end of the stay, minus any outstanding utility bills. The deposit will be retained until these bills are in the possession of Villas Holidays. Failure to comply with the conditions of departure and conditions of use will result in the loss of the security deposit.


Villas Holidays may modify or cancel a reservation due to serious circumstances. Serious circumstances are those circumstances that are of such a nature that it is not considered reasonable to demand compliance with the contract from the accommodation provider. In case of force majeure, war, strikes and natural catastrophes, Villas Holidays may cancel the reservation. In this case, it is obliged to return the amounts already paid. In order to ensure quality, Villas Holidays reserves the right to replace the leased accommodation with a similar accommodation.


Villas Holidays reserves the right to substitute the reserved accommodation for another of similar characteristics in the event of a serious unforeseen event that prevents the client from enjoying the stay in the planned dwelling. In case it is not possible to replace the house in one of similar characteristics or the host does not like the proposed property, Villas Holidays will offer a change of dates or cancellation of the reservation, returning the total amount paid to the guest.


Villas Holidays carries out preventive and corrective inspections in the rental housing to avoid incidents during the stay of the guests. Villas Holidays appreciates that guests indicate any incident or suggestion during their stay, although it does not affect them directly, it can always help to improve the services of Villas Holidays.

If you notice an error or deficiencies in the destination, the guest is expected to notify Villas Holidays, in order to avoid inconveniences. When serious complaints arise on site, the guest must immediately report Villas Holidays. In this way, Villas Holidays has the opportunity to resolve the guest’s complaint as soon as possible. If it is not resolved on site, the guest must submit his / her claim, in writing and on a motivated form, at the Villas Holidays office within 2 weeks after leaving the accommodation, failing which the claim will not be accepted. If you move to another accommodation or leave the rented accommodation early without consulting Villas Holidays, you will lose all restitution rights.


a.- Responsibilities of the signing guest. The guest who reserves a dwelling for himself and for other guests, will be jointly and severally liable for the total rental price and the damages caused by his conduct and that of all others who stay with him in the rented dwelling.

b.- Maximum number of guests. The reservation will be valid for the maximum number of people indicated in the booking contract. The accommodation of more people than those indicated will not be allowed and the occupation with a higher number of people could lead to the rescission of the rental contract and the loss of the deposit. In this case, the payments made will not be refunded and the guest must pay the full amount of the rent. If the guest intends to accommodate more people in the rented property than allowed, you should check with Villas Holidays if allowed and the extra cost.

c.- Animals. Not all the houses accept animals. The guest has the obligation to check with Villas Holidays if the house accepts pets. The extra cost per animal is € 40 per week.

If it is verified that the guest has introduced an animal in the rented property that does not allow animals, Villas Holidays is authorized to proceed with the automatic cancellation of the stay, the guest must leave the villa in a maximum of 8 hours as the owners of the Housing does not authorize it. If animals are detected in a house that does allow animals to enter, but the guest did not notify, they will not have to leave the rented house, but will have to pay a penalty for non-compliance, three times the established cost, with a minimum of € 120 .

d.- Celebrations or parties: They are only allowed if the number of attendees is equal to or less than the maximum number of guests allowed in the home, provided that the schedules and regulations in force in each location are respected. Failure to comply with this clause will entail the total cancellation of the reservation without the right to refund the amount paid for it.

In the event that the guest wants to hold a celebration, we recommend that you indicate it in advance to Villas Holidays to see if there is a villa that could adjust to the celebration of it. In any case, it would only be possible if the client obtains in writing the authorization of Villas Holidays, upon payment of the extra cost and the corresponding deposit.

e.- Access to the property: During the stay, the dwelling is for the exclusive use of the guests. However, guests must allow access to the employees of Villas Holidays or authorized staff during their stay to clean the pool and garden, as well as to proceed with the repair or action derived from any incident presented on the property during their stay. . Villas Holidays staff will knock on the door of the house at least twice before entering the house and will only use the key when there is no response from the guest.

f.- Energy: Villas Holidays will specify a heating or air conditioning fee depending on the date of the reservation. This rate is established on the basis of a maximum established consumption. Said excess would be debited on the customer’s card to cover the compensation to be paid to the owner of the home. The guest is recommended to make responsible and reasonable use of the heating or air conditioning to avoid an additional cost in their stay.

g.- Keys to the apartment: The guest will be provided with a complete set of keys to the apartment. No additional sets of keys will be provided, unless agreed with the reservation team. In the event that the guest does not return or lose the keys provided, you will be deducted from the security deposit € 100, for the costs and inconvenience caused to Villas Holidays and the next guest.

h.- Additional extras: Villas Holidays offers the guest various accessories for rentals, such as: extra bed, cots, high chairs, car rental, experiences, etc. The guest can consult with the reservation team the wide range of possibilities, availability and prices.

i.- Final cleaning, bed linen and towels: On the website you can check if the costs of cleaning, bed linen and towels are included in the corresponding accommodation. If not, the corresponding expenses are indicated. These expenses are indicated together with the rental amount in the booking form. Generally these expenses are paid on the date of arrival at the address of the delivery of the keys.


Villas Holidays is responsible for the description of the homes responding to the general characteristics of the same, except for transcription error, although the guest accepts that there may be a specific change in the content of the same as a result of the use of it such as appliances, outdoor furniture or decorative elements that are periodically renewed.

Villas Holidays is not responsible for possible modifications that affect the home or surroundings that are not directly controllable by Villas Holidays. Specifically, the guest can not claim any penalty if there is any of the following anomalies, provided they have not been provided by Villas Holidays:

1.- Internet / Wifi: Only available if expressly indicated in the description of the accommodation. The Internet connection through WIFI is a service offered by the company free of charge for actions that consume a very small amount of data. This service has not been taken into account to fix the price of the reservation so it will not be possible to claim due to speed problems or lack of connection.

Villas Holidays assumes no guarantee for its continuous availability, speed, compatibility or security. In general, Internet / Wifi is designed for holiday purposes, that is, it is not suitable for commercial or similar use. Any excessive discharge will mean that the router will stop working. If the guest needs more data, it can be contracted with an extra expense. Consult the reservations department.

2.- Satellite / cable television: If satellite or cable TV is indicated in the description, this does not automatically mean that you can receive all the programs you want. The owners of the houses, mostly foreigners, have decoders that are not always suitable for capturing all international programs.

3.- Water and electricity: There may be specific cuts of water supply and electricity, due to the increase of inhabitants in the area, especially in high season. In no case may Villa Holidays or the owner of the home be held responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused by such limitations.

4.- Works: The accommodations are usually private properties of different individual owners and are usually located in large residential areas. The accommodations are not usually found in tourist complexes, so incidentally it may happen that unexpected works take place in the surroundings. These works are usually carried out by owners, contractors or government organizations with whom Villas Holidays has no relationship and therefore we have no influence on these actions. Neither the Accommodation Provider, nor the Booking Agent, nor the Landlord therefore assume any responsibility for the inconvenience caused by the works that are not carried out on behalf of the Accommodation Provider.

5.- Accident and theft: Neither Villas Holidays nor the owner of the accommodation are responsible for any damage or injury (injury, illness, death, property damage or theft) suffered by the guest or his companions during their stay. The guest when making the reservation agrees to take responsibility for their personal safety and that of their belongings and exempts Villas Holidays and the owner of the home from any responsibility over them. To minimize the potential risks, special prevention is requested in the use of the kitchen as well as the pool since they are areas of the house with additional risks for the guest as well as making sure that all the doors and windows of the property are properly closed. These indications are especially recommended in the case that children and elderly are included among the guests.


Unlike the legal rules on the competence of the civil judge, any dispute between the supplier and the contracting party or the client will be submitted exclusively to the competent judge of the country or region where the Landlord is established or is a resident. After the Landlord has invoked this provision in writing, the Lessee may choose for a month to submit the dispute to the competent civil judge according to the applicable law or international treaty. The Lessor may consider the address indicated by the Lessee correct, unless otherwise advised. Any contract between the Landlord and the Tenant will be governed by International Law.


In compliance with the protection of personal data, the data that is collected from the guest will be included in a file whose owner «VILLAS HOLIDAYS COSTA BLANCA, S.L.» with C.I.F. B42547125, and with fiscal domicile in C / San Juan, 34 of Benissa (Alicante); That the treatment finds its legal basis in the consent given by the guest when signing this contract, and consequently, the guest accepts that the collection of the same has the following purposes: to provide the service object of the contract; allow communication between the parties; that you can exercise the rights of: access, rectification, deletion, limitation, portability, opposition, to submit a claim to a control authority, and withdraw the consent at any time, by letter, attaching a photocopy of your NIF / NIE / Passport to the postal address indicated above; that will be kept while the relationship between the parties is maintained or during the years necessary to comply with the legal obligations.

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