The magical night of San Juan

It is not known exactly when this festival began to be celebrated, in its beginnings it was a pagan festival that reflected the worship of the sun by men where rituals were held to attract good spirits and keep away the bad ones, coinciding with the summer solstice.

With the arrival of Christianity, the festival became a night full of symbolism in honour of Saint John the Baptist, in which fire and water represent purification.  For this reason, the most common rituals have always been to burn old things in the bonfire to drive away the old or negative vibes and to bathe in water to attract the new or positive vibes.

This festival is celebrated all over Spain on the night of the 24th of June, in the coastal areas, the rituals of fire and water are always performed in close connection with the sea, and what more magical place to celebrate this night than on one of the beaches of Moraira, Benissa or Calpe, , where every year families or groups of friends gather on the beach for dinner, make a bonfire, and when it is 00. 00h on the 24th of June, jump over the fire and bathe in the sea to purify the body and spirit, and make a wish to ward off the bad luck and attract the good luck.

This year, because of the restrictions due to the pandemic, the Town Halls have informed us that no parties will be held to avoid crowds (normally DJ’s are hired to dance on the beach until late at night), but nothing prevents us from celebrating this party, even if it is in bubble groups and always complying all the safety measures. It will not be possible to have bonfires on the beach this year, but it will be possible to dine and swim.

There are many rituals to perform on this night, here are three very simple ones:

– Make a small bonfire (you can do it inside a flowerpot or small pot, it is not necessary a big bonfire to attract the good luck ), and jump over it 7 times, the flames and the fire will guarantee you protection and luck during the whole year.

– Another ritual you can do is to write down on a piece of paper all the bad or negative things you want to keep away from your life, and burn the paper into the fire so that will take away the bad energies.

– Bathe in the sea, many people consider that since it is a magical night, the water is miraculous, cures illnesses and brings happiness, and if you jump backwards over nine waves, you will have protection all year round.

Would you like to celebrate with us this incredible night of water and fire? Do not hesitate to stay at one of our villas for rent in Benissa, Moraira or Calpe. We look forward to seeing you!!

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