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Booking Terms & Conditions


The aim of the following Terms & Conditions is to regulate the scope of the intermediation and organization services provided by VILLAS HOLIDAYS COSTA BLANCA, S.L. (hereinafter “Villas Holidays”), domiciled in C/ San Juan, 34 in Benissa (Alicante), in the rental of holiday accommodation established between the client and the accommodation provider.

Whereas the guest or tenant is the natural or legal person requesting the professional intervention of Villas Holidays to find a holiday accommodation for the use and enjoyment of the own client according to his/her needs; the landlord is the owner of the accommodation commercialised by Villas Holidays by means of itsintermediation services.

The signing of the agreement implies the acceptance of each and every condition, regardless of whether the booking has been made through the Villas Holidays telephone booking centre, its website or through otheragencies or tour operators booking centres or external webswith whom Villas Holidays has collaboration agreements.

Additionally, renting one of our villas implies the acceptance of the conditions that apply to the rented villa, which are specified in the Booking agreement sent to the guest.


The rental prices are stated by accommodation, day and week. They vary depending on the chosen week and are clearly detailed in www.villaholidayscostablanca.com. During the months of June, July, August and September, the villas are bookable a minimum of 7 nights and from Saturday to Saturday.If you want toarrive or leave on a different day, please contact Villas Holidays. During the rest of the year the minimum stay is of 4 nights and the guests can decide the day of arrival/departure they prefer.

For long-term bookings, please checkprice and availability.

All the bookings include the following in the price: getting the house ready, maintenance and regular cleaning of the pool and garden.

Extra expenses such as final cleaning, bed linen and towels, pets, air conditioning, heating, high chair and cradle for babies, extra bed, extra cleaning and/or bed linen and towels change will be stated in the rental agreement.


The payment will be made by:

- Credit card (Visa or Mastercard). In our website, www.villasholidayscostablanca.comby selecting PAGAR TPV (Pay by TPV)

- Bank transfer. To the following account number (IBAN): ES61 0081 1047 8300 01239127 (BIC/SWIFT: BSABESBB)

- Or in cash

Neither cheques nor holiday vouchers are accepted as payment methods.

To confirm the booking,the 50% of the total price must be paid in advance on the day the accommodation is booked. If the payment has not been made after 3 days, Villas Holidays will cancel the booking.

The final payment of the remaining 50% will be made on the arrival day, before handing the keys over.


The guest may cancel the booking at no cost up to 60 days before the arrival date. If the booking is cancelled later, the payment made to confirm the booking will not be refunded.


The keys collection will be made, during peak season, on Saturdays from 16:00 to 19:00; and the rest of the year, from Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 18:00. The collection will be at Villas Holidays office, located inPartidaBenimarco in Benissa (Alicante). Google Maps coordinates to get to the office are: 38.697245,0.086066 (https://www.google.es/maps/place/38%C2%B041'50.1%22N+0%C2%B005'09.8%22E/@38.6969272,0.0846736,407m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d38.697245!4d0.086066).

In the event of arriving outside these times, the guest can choose between two options:

-Option 1: Our staff will wait for the guests to arrive at the office to check in and take them to the villa. This option will have an extra cost of 150 €.

- Option 2:The guest will collect the keys and the information to get to the villa at any time in a safe box outside the office. The client must come to the office on the next business day tocheckin. This option has no extra cost.


The guests must leave the house before 10:00 a.m. and return the keys at Villas Holidays office. If the office is not open when departing, the keys must be placed in the keys letterbox located inside the office parking.

The guests must leave the villa as they found it, tidy, clean and with no rubbish. Villas Holiday could carry out an inspection and charge 50 € from the deposit if they found:

-Furniture and kitchenware moved from their original location

-Rubbish inside or at the entrance of the property

-Dishes, cutlery and other kitchenware left unclean

If during the inspection, Villas Holidays finds there is something missing from the villa or any damage caused by the guest, it will be deducted from the security deposit. If the cost of the damage exceeds the security deposit, it will be communicated to the guest by phone or mail. If both parties do not reach a common understanding, the pertinent legal actions will be duly executed.


Short-term agreements have a security deposit of 300 € per booking. This deposit will be withheld in the guest’s credit card upon arrival, even though it will not be charged unless there is a dispute. The deposit will be automatically released within a week and a month after the departure, depending on the type of credit card, that is, if there aren’t any damages in the house.

Long-term agreements (more than 2 months) have a security deposit of at least one month’s rent. This deposit will be refunded once the stay is terminated, deducting any possible pending utility bills. The deposit will be withheld until such invoices are held by Villas Holidays.The failure to comply with the check-out conditions and terms of use will lead to the loss of the security deposit.


Villas Holidays has the right to alter or cancel the booking on account of compelling circumstances. Compelling circumstances mean circumstances of such a nature that the Accommodation provider cannot reasonably be held to further fulfilment of the agreement. Villas Holidays may cancel the booking in the event of force majeure, war, strikes and natural disasters. In such circumstances the Booking agent will be under obligation to refund any amounts already paid. Villas Holidays reserves the right to replace the rented property by an equivalent property for reasons of quality assurance.


Villas Holidays reserves the right to replace the rented property with another one with similar features in the case there is an unforeseen circumstance that prevents the client from enjoying the stay in the booked accommodation. If it was not possible to replace the villa with a similar one or the guest did not like the one suggested, Villas Holidays would offer a date change or the booking cancellation, reimbursing the whole paid amount to the guest.


Villas Holidays carries out preventive and corrective inspections in the rental homes to prevent problems during the stay of the guests. Villas Holidays appreciates when the guests themselves inform about any problem or make any suggestions during their stay, even if they are not directly affected, since they can always help improving the services Villas Holidays provides.

If you notice a mistake or deficiency at your holiday accommodation, you should report it to Villas Holidays in order to avoid further inconvenience. If you have serious complaints at the holiday accommodation, you should inform Villas Holidays immediately. This will give Villas Holidays the opportunity to resolve the complaint as soon as possible. If your complaint was not satisfactorily resolved at the holiday destination, you must inform Villas Holidaysby filing your written complaint (providing details)at their office within two weeks of leaving the accommodation, in the absence of which the complaint will no longer be admissible. You will forfeit all rights to a refund if you obtain other accommodation or leave the rented property prematurely without first consulting Villas Holidays.


a.- Signatory’s liability. The guest who books accommodation for or jointly on behalf of other occupants will be jointly and severally liable for the total rent and for damage caused by acts by him/her and all others present with him/her in the rented accommodation.

b.- Maximum number of guests.The booking will be valid for the number of persons stated on the booking form. The property may not be occupied by more persons than stated on the booking form. Occupancy by a larger number may result in dissolution of the booking agreement and loss of the deposit. Payments already made will not be refunded in such circumstances and the guest will owe the entire rent. If the guest intends to allow more than the permitted number of persons to stay in the rented accommodation, the guest must check with Villas Holidays if it is possible and which would be the extra cost.

c.- Pets.Pets are not allowed in all our holiday homes. The guest must check with Villas Holidays if pets are accepted in the rented accommodation. There is an additional cost of 40 € per pet and week.

If it is found that the guest has entered a petin the rented accommodation which does not allow pets, Villas Holidays is authorised to proceed and terminatethe stay automatically. The guest will have to leave the villa in a maximum of 8 hours, since the owners do not allow it. If pets are to be found in a house which allows pets, but the guest did not give notice, the guest will not have to leave the rented property but pay as a penalty for non-compliance three times the established cost, with a minimum of 120 €.

d.- Celebrations or parties:Only allowed if the number of those attending is equal to or below the maximum of allowed guests in the house, whilst complying with the existing regulations and schedules in each location. The failure to comply with this clause will lead to the full cancellation of the booking without the right to be reimbursed with the amount already paid.

In the event the guest desires to hold a celebration, we recommend to previously inform Villas Holidays to see if there is a villa that sticks to the celebration. In any case, it would only be possible if the client has the written authorization of Villas Holidays, upon payment in advance of the pertinent extra cost and deposit.

e.- Access to the property: During the stay, guests have exclusive use of the house. Nevertheless, guests must allow access to Villas Holidays staff or authorised personnel in order to clean the pool and the garden, as well as to repair or do any other work arising from any problem in the house during their stay. Villas Holidays staff will knock on the door of the house at least twice before entering it and they will only use the key of the house when nobody answers.

f.- Power consumption: Villas Holidays will state, according to the booking date, a price for the heating or air conditioning expenses. This rate is established according to a stipulated maximum consumption. If it shall be surpassed, a charge would be made to the client’s credit card to compensate the owner. Please be considerate when it comes to the use of the heating or the air conditioning, in order to avoid any additional expenses.

g.- Accommodation keys:A whole set of keys of the house will be given to the guest. No extra keys will be provided unless otherwise agreed with the booking staff. If the guest does not return or loses the keys, 100 € will be deducted from the security deposit due to the expense and inconvenience caused to Villas Holidays and the next guest.

h.- Additional extras: Villas Holidays offers several facilities such as extra beds, cradles, high chairs, car hire, experiences, etc. The guest can ask the booking staff for more information about the wide range of possibilities, availability and prices.

i.- Final cleaning, bed linen and towels:You can check on the website whether the cleaning, bed linen and towels expenses are included in the desired accommodation. If it is not the case, the costs will be stated. These expenses will be specified together with the rental price on the booking form. These costs are generally payable to the key holder on the arrival day.


Villas Holidays is responsible for the accommodation description to meet the general features stated, transcription mistake excepted, while the guest accepts that there could be some exceptional changes in the house,as a consequence of its use, such as electrical appliances, outdoors furniture or decoration items replaced periodically.

Villas Holidays is not responsible for any possible alterations that affect the house or its surroundingswhich cannot be controlled directly by Villas Holidays. In particular, the guest cannot claim any penalty in the case there were any of the following anomalies, as long as not foreseen by Villas Holidays.

1.- Internet/Wifi: Only available if clearly stated in the accommodation’s description. WIFI internet connection is a service provided by the company at no extra cost for tasks that do not consume a high amount of data. This service has not been considered in order to fix the booking price and for this reason it will not be possible to complain due to speed or connection problems.

Villas Holidays assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the continuous availability, speed, compatibility nor safety of the connection. Generally, the Internet/Wifi service is intended for holiday purposes, that is, it is not for commercial or similar use. Any excessive download will cause the router to stop working. If the guest needs more data, these can be contracted upon an extra cost. Please ask the booking department.

2.- Satellite/Cable TV:Where descriptions refer to satellite TV or cable TV, it does not automatically mean that reception includes all stations. The mostly foreign owners have decoders that are not always suitable for receiving all international programs.

3.- Water and electricity:Exceptionally, there might be interruptions to water and electricity supplies due to the area’s increase in population, especially during peak season. Neither Villas Holidays nor the house owner can be held liable for any inconvenience or damage incurred through such circumstances.

4.- Construction work: The rental accommodations are usually private properties that belong to individual owners and are typically located in large residential districts. The accommodations are usually not located in holiday parks, so construction work may occasionally occur nearby. This work may be carried out by home owners or contractors and / or public institutions, with whom Villas Holidays has no relationship whatsoever and over whom we cannot exert any control. Neither the Accommodation provider, nor the Booking agent, nor Landlord can be held liable for inconvenience caused by any construction work not commissioned by the Accommodation provider.

5.- Damagesand theft:Neither Villas Holidays nor the accommodation owner can be held liable for damages (injury, illness, death, material damages or theft) caused to the guests during their stay. By booking, the guest assumes responsibility for the safety related to his/her own person and belongings and does not held liable Villas Holidays nor the house owner for any responsibility over them. To minimize potential risks, we kindly ask to make a reasonable use of both kitchen and pool, since they are house areas with additional risks for the guest, as well as locking the doors and closing the windows properly when the property is unoccupied. These guidelines are strongly recommended when the guests include children and elderly people.


Notwithstanding the legal rules governing the jurisdiction of the civil courts, any dispute arising between supplier and principal or client will be resolved by a court of law with jurisdiction in the country and region where the Landlord is established. For one month after the Landlord has invoked this provision in writing, the Tenant will have the right to opt for resolution of the dispute by a civil court with jurisdiction at law or under international treaty. The Landlord will consider the address stated by the Tenant to be correct until further notice. Every agreement between Landlord and Tenant will be subject to International law.


In compliance with personal data regulations, the personal data collected from the guest will be added to a file whose owner is “VILLAS HOLIDAYS COSTA BLANCA, S.L.” with C.I.F. (Tax ID no.) B42547125, and domiciled in C/ San Juan, 34 in Benissa (Alicante);By signing this agreement, the guest provides his/her consent as the legal basis for the treatment of his/her personal data and consequently the guest agreesto the use of collected data for the following purposes: provide the services covered by contract; allow communication between the parties; as well as exercise rights of: access, rectification, erasure, restriction, portability, and objection, present a claim to a control body, and withdraw the consent at any time, by submitting a letter with anenclosedphotocopy of his/her TIN/NIE (Foreigner’s Identification Number)/Passport to the postal address stated above; these data will be kept while there is a relationship between the parties or during the necessary years to fulfil the legal obligations.

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